Does Fashion Catch? Legging for Men Is an Option

Despite prejudice, demand for the piece has been growing

The men who are most connected in fashion trends have already come across look options created with leggings. If before the piece was female exclusivity, now it arrives at the men’s cabinets already without the pretension of maintaining only like a gym clothes.

Owner of the brand Luxury Mix, Amilson Martins, says that despite the new utility of the pants, they are still seen with a certain type of prejudice by the boys. Unlike Brazil, in the United States it is very common to see men parading the play without being in the gym.

– American brands already have the option of using it for social commitments. In Brazil it is still very unusual to see a man using the piece to go to the bar with friends, for example.

To give more comfort to the man, the pieces are created with special cutouts and larger hook. The waistband is also different from the male version, being simpler and not so loud. As for the tissue, it is still lycra, but with a different percentage of elastane.

The piece attracted interest on the part of men even by the convenience of the cold days.

“The use of heavy sweatshirts in the gym is very uncomfortable. With leggings it is possible to perform the exercises much more easily.

For those who want to take on fashion, a good inspiration is ex-pawn Beto Malfacini.

– He uses without the commitment of the academy and this is what we seek to make clear to men, who can use the piece, yes, to go out with friends etc.

The suggestion of Amilson’s look from getzipcodes is to combine the piece with sneakers and blazer.

– It’s perfect for anyone who wants to go to a bar.

* Collaborated Rebeca Tosta, trainee of  R7.