Do Chipped His Dog to Identify It!

Why and how do chipped your dog?

Do Chipped His Dog to Identify It

The legislation has evolved in recent years, concerning the identification of pets. I propose today to the point on a stage become indispensable to ensure your young beloved pooch in good standing: the installation of an identification chip. What for? How? How much does it cost? You know everything!

Why Do Chipped His Dog to Identify It?

Driven by the increase in dropouts, health authorities have been forced to adapt the legislation concerning the identification of animals. Dogs unfortunately part of the first victims, the chip has become a key element of the essential identification. For teachers, it’s also a more appreciated comfort. Here is a list from which lists all the reasons to make chipped his dog:

  • Mandatory: as a domestic carnivore, the identification of dogs born after January 6, 1999 with the I – CAD is required. It may take the form of a subcutaneous chip,a tattoo or both.
  • International: For traveling outside the borders of France, even within the Schengen area, it is essential that the identification of the animal is a chip: there are very few countries accepting a tattoo, and only dogs tattooed before July 2011
  • Sure: In General, the chip is an unquestionable element to claim ownership of a dog in case of runaway, accident or tamperproof vol., it is attached to your identity and your home. She will not move throughout the life of the animal. Unfortunately, the tattoo done on the ear is questionable, some people did not hesitate to maim the animal to cover their tracks.
  • Today, many dog insurance companies agree to ensure that the dogs are identified.

Procedure of the veterinarian to make chipped his dog

When you adopt a dog, that you are the first masters or not, a visit to the vet is one of the first outputs together! During this meeting, it is likely that the vet suggests you to proceed to the chipping of the animal.

The chip the size of a grain of rice, its introduction under the skin of the dog is not particularly painful. Something simple, extremely fast, and’s done it for life, more need to come back! The vet has new identification chips in his office and simply to register a new one on its register and install it on the animal.

This fast operation requires no anesthesia, except for so-called “sensitive” dogs, who are very stressed by the vet’s office and might have violent reactions. After installation of the chip, there is no need dressing or special care. On small dogs may feel when you stroke their neck. It’s not serious. Normally, the dog does not feel the chip in his neck pain don’t hurt him. If you notice a particular behavior after the operation, so it is better to talk to the vet.

The Prize For Doing Chipped His Dog

In general, chipped his dog is automatically one of the first things when we adopted a puppy or an older same dog. When you see your veterinarian for medical examination and vaccines, it will certainly offer you very quickly. It is therefore likely that the chipping is integrated in all of veterinary of first consultation fees: update of the papers, vaccines and general review.

Furthermore, one veterinarian to another, this very simple operation prices vary considerably: between 40 and €110 from one region to the other. Ask before!

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