DIY: Vintage Etagere For The Candy Bar

I want, I want, I want! The question can sometimes cause premarital mini disagreements after classic cake or Candybar.

DIY: Vintage Etagere For The Candy Bar

While I rebuild me like a defiant child before my fiance, he tells me with comfortable rest, that it would be really dumb when our parents would get not a piece of cake at the end, because as a candy bar includes usually going no 80 man every get what down cake. Patzig, I say that you served there today just a small of cutting cake and our parents should have become not so. I deny the idea of where my mother of his mother away pilfered the last piece on cutting cake in front of the nose. And then I believe a decision: I need to get facts. With the hammer drill.

Because, if he sees only once as a mega sweet DIY Vintge Etagere live and in color on and I see him quite love it, his opposition will melt so my calculation determined.

If you want to try that too (so with the shelves), here your

List Of Ingredients For DIY Shelves:

Old dish from the flea market or eBay (for all Munich: the flea market in the parking area of the Olympic Park is well suited for such raids.) There I collected old porcelain plates and cups for at least 50 cents per part).

A good (!) Diamond drill with a 6 mm drill head * (available in the hardware store; also referred to as tile drill bit or porcelain drill known – take not the triangular drill – I had also tried takes forever…)


Thick felt-tip pen

Hammer drill with regulator, to turn off the beat (battery powered drill is necessary too, but significantly longer)

Etagerenstangen (there is E.g. with Amazon, eBay, DaWanda; also simple long thread from the hardware store to go)

Earplugs/Ohropax etc.

Flexible underlay (I have chosen the bath mat)

lots of patience

No (!) Force

DIY Instructions For The Construction Of Vintage Shelves:

1 Central measuring, thick Sharpie cross mark, draw circle around it. This helps the eye to find the Center, if the bit from the first drilling attempt slip and blurs the original cross.

  1. using tesa or masking cover.
  2. the plate place on a flexible surface.I chose the bath mat in the bath, also because of the filth and if a plate breaks (what happened).
  3. ensure the setting of the drill: no shock, just boring!
  4. drill can apply, do not push, just drill.Keyword ‘simple’…: the hardest thing is that the drill not slip.As the tesa helps a bit, but eventually the drill will slip away again and again. You must stay just stubborn and always again lead back the drill, where he to go (or you buy one centering of – I have not used it). For this you can never use some force, from top to bottom, but only on the side to push the drill horizontally in the correct position. As soon as he did a few turns in the same place, it will be easier. Then you must set down just the drill to break again wet it with some water. Everything else makes the drill.
  5. about the hole look

7 Etagerenstangen mount

(See 8. the loved ones)

We are now four shelves. And we will have maybe a candy bar at our wedding.