DIY Plus Size Shirts

Want to recycle your shirt large old fashioned in it unavoidable? And if it was ultimately simple and cheap as long to do it yourself. Do not panic, it is not necessary to be a great seamstress for it. Here are our tips to achieve in a few minutes.

Recycle Its Large Size Blouse Fashion Model

You can not have missed it, it’s on all the catwalks, on the pages of all the magazines and all your catalogs, the Peter Pan collar is back. Impossible to miss and do not have at least one large blouse with this small detail that makes all the difference. Only this crisis requires, it is sometimes difficult to give in to the temptations. We must make choices!

Create a single model.

And then there’s something else… Sometimes you feel like a single model, just by itself, that will not be found on her girlfriends. Sick uniform! Follow fashion: Dressing yes… all the same way: no! We want to keep a little originality, bring his personal touch, what better than to do it yourself.

The new trend: the DIY.

What we went again you find? Writing My-Size yet she would once succumbed to a “trick” improbable? Not at all !

The DIY (Do It Yourself), it is simply the “do it yourself”. It fits in both the tradition and the fact of being an actor and not a mere spectator swallowing everything presented to him. We recycle, we create, use is made of imagination while being a responsible consumer, playing artists without breaking the bank and without using too complicated techniques.

Customization of your clothes and accessories is therefore built into the DIY. Here’s how to turn your large shirt.

Customize its large size shirt.

To start you need to choose your shirt. The neck should not be too large because the Peter Pan collar is worn close to the neck. If he already has a collar, it will take the fight. Help yourself to a seam ripper that make your job easier.

You can then choose to either buy a small pan collar commercially or manufacture it yourself (see video). La Redoute (Our site *) proposes several models (Please type in the Peter Pan collar bar research).

Why choose a removable neck?

Of course, once found the collar, you can choose to sew directly on your large size shirts, but beware, it is sometimes a bit difficult to adjust everything exactly. The detachable collar is fashionable and better. It sits directly on your clothes and is committed either by clip or by a small chain or a small drawstring. The other advantage is that you will be able to wear it on several small tops and look every time this accessory trend, but on different outfits.

You see, it’s not very complicated, and within the reach of all. A little tip, a dose of creativity, a bit of confidence in his abilities, a few euros and you’re launched, you also in customization. Please show us your accomplishments.