DIY How To Make Wool Cardigan For Babies

Holaaaa! Well as I told you, it is difficult to return to pick up a good rhythm with so many stoppages by several viruses!

But we recovered both the child and I and we can continue to share at the top, which is my idea! This time I wanted to share this Rebecca so requetebonita that I have woven as a dress that I have prepared out there… In next post I will share thousand and one things I’m doing, boy and girl who are most neglected and the truth, so we’re going to cheat, have thousand and endless possibilities…

This cardigan as I tell you in the video tutorial at is very easy to do, but above all for beginners is a luxury, because it is fully woven with points of law and does not have many changes, deviations, or graphics. In addition, you have at your disposal, completely free and online a course to learn how to step by step KNITTING that you can consult those doubts or moments of the video which goes somewhat faster and that does not look good.

I hope you will bother to do it!

How To Do Step By Step This Cardigan Pink

Patterns download here

2 balls AMORE bear white wool

Needles 2 mm

Wool needle

4 buttons

The wool that I used had it for some time, and the truth that I recommend this Katia Merino Baby wool, which is easier to find, and I think that touch is much softer to be merino!