Dior Velvet Eyes, Do You Dare with These Stickers?

The eyeliners are an part of the makeup criticism. Yes, and it is that once I’ve painted my eyes carefully applying clear shade by all over the eyelid and over a slightly darker creating an effect gradient, I apply the eyeliner and will be everything to nothing. And is that if you don’t have mana, steady hand and experience, this product can be converted in your worst enemy.

Until today. And is that taking advantage of the Vogue ’ s Fashion Night Out the French firm Christian Dior He has presented its new product: Dior Velvet Eyes. This product is adhesives eyeliners designed by makeup artists of the firm for the runways. Want to know how it works?

Depends on the time you wear one or the other

A total of four versions they make this so exclusive line and practice. Depending on the event you go use one or the other. This box contains:

  • Velvet effect. Matte black are two types: straight or dramatic strokes.
  • Shiny effect. Micro filled with Swarovski crystals.
  • Effect Haute Couture. With three sparkling Swarovski on the sides.

You can use a total of four times each one, and it seems that it is an entire revolution in the world of makeup. I currently can’t imagine I will look like a sticker in the eye as an eyeliner, I am a little reluctant to do this, but as we see in the image the result is amazing.

You can give up to the? Dior charms or do you prefer the traditional way?