Different Styles of Male Underwear

Times have changed and while previously only talked about one or two male underwear models, today’s options have been deployed to almost the level of the lingerie. Models not only have expanded but that the variety of designs and materials is growing wider. Today, the man has a lot to choose from.

Different Styles of Male Underwear

So that men and women are equally aware, here we present list of different models of panties or briefs for men which can be found in the Internet market. You have one to try?

• Underwear style “Brief”

It could be said that the brief style undies are the definition of male underwear. The first image that comes to mind speaking of underpants. It is the more classic style. That all the men used as children. It is a piece with broadband at the height of the waist, just a few centimeters below the navel. Leave the legs fully exposed while offering enough coverage for the front and the back of the body. Generally, it includes a species of fly (not closed, of course) to be more comfortable going to the bathroom.

• Style “Brief” underpants of half court

With all the same features of the classical model, the half-court style “brief” underpants presents a thick elastic waistband that sits approximately 5 cm from the waist. As well as cut model bass, may not include a fly. This piece has excellent level of support.

• Style “Brief” underpants of low cut

This model is a variation of the classic “brief” and, as its name implies, takes a few centimeters below the basic model. The elastic band that surrounds the waist of the garment is much thicker and strong (in fact tends to stand out in the combinations of colors and designs). Attention! This model may not include comfortable fly.

• Underwear style “Bóxer Brief”

Without a doubt it is one of the favorite styles between men and women. This ideal combination of styles brings together the best characteristics in a single piece. Boxer brief has the structure and appearance of short-cycling, adjusted to the body, a classic brief support and coverage provided by a boxer.

• Boxer

As its name implies, the boxer style pants take their silhouette of the shorts worn by boxers. They are loose and ventilated. Settle in with a comfortable elastic waist and fall to a few centimetres above the knee. All include fly, so comfort is total. Described them as comfortable and ideal for use under pants wide and comfortable. That Yes, with care. It is not recommended to use boxers when sporting activities since they lack adequate support.

• Underwear style “open boxer”

The boxer’s cut open are a variation of the classic style of a boxer. The main features of this model are the most spacious leg openings and seams are designed to give more space and comfort to the movement.

• Underwear style “trunk” or “swimmer”

This style is inspired by the suits that swimmers wore in the Decade of the 50. They are short and tight. Although most do not fly you can find some few models that include it. The most common material used for this style of men’s underwear is the micro fiber since it allows to achieve the adjustment required with necessary ventilation.

• Bikini

Bikini. Although it is not the most popular model in the list, many men prefer it because it is not noticed under clothing. Is summary account is very similar to the panties style bikini female although the Sidebands are a little thicker. This type of breeches sits approximately 10 to 12 cm from the waist, below the navel, according to getzipcodes.org. Much exposed due to the dug deep and the scarcity of fabric. Definitely it is not for any man, nor to any kind of physical. Due to the characteristics of the garment, it is obvious that they do not include fly.

• Thong

Arguably, it is, along with the Jockstrap of the slightest piece of male lingerie. The amount of fabric is really minimal. It consists of a Pocket where the genitals, which is held at the waist by thin Ribbons are placed. Waist also leaves an extra thin tape towards the buttocks. Needless to say that this piece of sexy lingerie is not suitable for all audiences.

• Hanger

Continuing with minimal parts, the jock strap is a piece used as protection and support when it comes to sports. It’s a band decided that surrounds the waist, with a Pocket where the genitals are placed and two strips ranging from a Pocket back and around the upper part of the buttocks. All the rear part of the body is fully exposed.

• Sports briefs

As well as women we need a sports bra when it comes to exercise, men also need support not to hurt you. Sports briefs is a slightly more “cover” that the Jockstrap alternative. This piece consists of a panel held at the waist by a thick, elastic band front and another back exposing the thigh full.

• Longjohn

Definitely it’s the model with greater coverage. It is very similar to the Leggings or the female pantyhose since going from the waist and ankle. It is designed to be used in cold and wet climates.