Different Jeans for Different Body Types

Who does not know, the eternal search for “the” matching jeans. Whether you have a powerful thighs, a big butt and a very petite figure, there is, the perfect jeans for you! We have you put together a small guide with which you can find your best trousers.

You Have Strong Thighs?

With strong thighs you should best stay away from skinny jeans or jeggings blank. Although the are all the rage, do not flatter your figure but unfortunately. With such a slim-fitting jeans you see any excess fat, so you do not become you feel comfortable with security. There is far better alternative for you who put your feminine curves in the limelight. Are particularly suitable for you jeans in a dark wash or pants with subtle pleats. Both straighten the leg and let your thighs appear smaller. Optimal are boot-cut jeans or lying also in vogue wide Marlene trousers. To the latter, however, you should absolutely Heels combine that stretch your legs.

You Have a Little Belly?

Jeans are very comfortable, your character does not flatter probably. The problem: By the deep seat of the jeans you’ll little flab on the stomach and / or hip not hide. For you there is a better Jean cut. If only the abdominal your problem area, you should on skinny jeans recourse. The slim-form sets your slender legs in scene and distracts from your midsection. The best do you choose for a pair of jeans with a high collar that almost wegzaubert your little belly. Good are also pockets or embroidery reached on the buttocks. The make your downside in focus and distract from your belly.

You Have a Big Butt?

Thanks Kim Kardashian is a great Po in trend and you need your downside is actually no longer hide. Do you still prefer to conceal this “problem area”, you should on jeans with a light wash and a skin-tight cut without. These models allow your hips and your buttocks appear really lush. Better for you are jeans in a dark wash with just enough stretch. Make sure that you selecting a hipster so that the waistband does not protrude on the back. For a slim silhouette Jeans with Bootcut is optimal. You can but also good a boyfriend jeans wear, inasmuch as you combine this with high heels. For this example, a fit body lean shirt and a sporty blazer.

You’re The Petite Type, Rather Small With Short Legs?

All cuts that bring your character to bear, are suitable for you. However, You should be of wide trousers, adopt 7/8 jeans and very deep-seated hipster. These models let you look even smaller since they visually compress your character. For you pants are the perfect choice with a straight leg. Do you wish to visually stretch your legs, you can also engage with creases to jeans with a high collar or pants. Very important: High shoes are a must for you if you want to look bigger.

You’re The Androgynous Type, Have Little Waist And a Flat Butt?

Your goal should be to conjure up with a matching outfit feminine curves. Get here the best finger of pants without back pockets. The blank Your Po unfortunately seem shallow. For a well-rounded rump You choose best jeans with embroidery or highly placed pockets on the buttocks. Nice is also a bootcut jeans that gives you feminine curves. Do you have long legs, you can also good skinny jeans with high heels wearing. Even the boyfriend style flatters your figure. Combine this jeans a thin shirt that your upper body can act more delicate.