Diamond Pattern Sweater


Fashion is constantly changing, yet it is always the same. Apiece of clothing that never goes out of style is certainly the sweater. There are now on the market many types, shapes, colors and materials. One of the most common sweaters and used is undoubtedly a diamond pattern. Usually they are made of wool or yarn still hot and fit the wardrobe both male and female. However it is not always easy to be able to combine this head in the right way. In this guide, then we will see how.

If you are a woman and you want to make a casual look and inelegant, under the argyle sweater you’ll have to wear a cotton T-shirt provided that dawns outside and notice too from the neck.However, to create the perfect match you need to wear the white shirt. Above you can combine a jacket of leather (or leather) or a classic coat but not more risky. Argyle sweater you immediately notice so you should always wear it and only with its basic items: the old and beloved jeans. Always worn closed shoes such as Chelsea boots or sneakers colors not too showy and eccentric.

If you are men, you can match your sweater argyle with a blazer (or jacket) tone on tone. This creates a simple look but at the same time very trendy. The bottom portion can wear the classic jeans from washing discolored or you can venture a risky combination and opt for classic pants in shades of pretty neutral.Try not to be overly elegant unless the situation does not require it. In this case with a shirt underneath the sweater you’ll have a perfect outfit.

In Investtops it is mostly sweaters argyle plain and smooth processing, but you see them around even with multicolored drawings and mixed processes which make your old boss more and more young and modern. Whatever your usual look argyle sweater is the head that is a must for those who love alternation and dress with style. Argyle sweater is the casual garment par excellence and the marriage with jeans creates a more modern effect and trendy. If you have an argyle sweater in your closet never throw it, in twenty years or maybe forever I shall put you or your children and even your grandchildren and not be never be an old-fashioned head and out of fashion.