Denim Jeans Trends 2015

This year, the jeans will not be noticeable. The crazier and individual Denim comes, the better. The current trend here includes all sections and models. Whether printed, extremely worn, embroidered or with sparkling stones and studs, the more outrageous and original is the jeans, the higher is its trend potential. Are you ready for CRAZY JEANS 2015?

Maximum Distressed Meets Rivets And Patches!

We have already reported about the Ripped Jeans.That the total, this year the trend is not a question.But it may still be 2015, a bit more! Whether huge holes at the knees, additional patches or rivets, the jeans may this year really flashy come along.Especially nice, Denim in used look with underlying cracks. Here flash point or network by and makes for that extra sexy look.

Those who prefer rock or romantic, is located right in the jeans with studs and sparkling little stones.Here can be the desired fashion theme easily pick up with additional accessories. For blue jeans with rivets, for example, fit a long, coarse chains or leather accessories with fringes. The romantic look, however, is perfect if you combine jeans with rhinestones an airy blouse and accessories in pastel shades.

Shorts: Printed or With Colorful Fabric Insert

Course make CRAZY JEANS before summer hotpants not stop. Boring Shorts were yesterday. 2015 is not spilled, but padded! Custom hot pants or shorts with colorful fabric insert are bang on trend. Very important for your styling: The more unusual the pants, the simpler your shell may fail.

For crazy shorts you combine best a decent shirt for the jeans is the focus of your styling. You can complete the trendy look with original and like colored accessories and jewelry. Eighth, however, that your outfit a whole is not too colorful and wild. At a red belt, for example, are also red shoes and a red bag.

Hats or shoes not so good. Here you lie much better with a few, carefully selected accessories. Simple bracelets, a solid color scarf and simple pumps or sandals are exactly right.

Denim Everywhere!

Is Get the CRAZY JEANS too wild and you want to just take it a little quieter? Also, the 2015 is possible. The main thing you opt for DENIM. Whether as pants, jacket, blouse, skirt or dress, Denim be held this year everywhere.Here you can also like to combine both upper part and lower part made of denim together. To spice the look a bit, you simply choose from flashy jewelry or colorful accessories.

Especially nice on complete denim look is the possibility that you with different accessories can always create a completely different look. Should your look simple and elegant effect, do you choose from the best black pumps, a black handbag and discreet gold jewelry. For CRAZY STYLE you can contrast score with flashy jewelry or colorful scarves. Colourful matching shoes, a suitably adapted belt and the right bag round your look from confidence.