Decorate Children’s Rooms

When interior designer Christel Månsson to decorate children’s rooms will be inviting rooms bathed in light and has generous soft carpets, the children they want to be on the floor.

Soft forms is something that I think is important in children’s rooms. I do not have any sharp corners that kids can run in and hurt himself.Should you have a small table, I think it is good to use a disk there.

Generous floor space is something else Christel want to prioritize the children’s room.

Children hold the bottom of the floor well into old age. My daughter is constantly down on the floor and in that way I think that most children are, says Christel.

Therefore Christel think that you should think about not furnish the room.Have a generous floor area clean and then place a large soft carpet there.Or how about a carpet?

The good thing about the interior is fairly resistant to shocks. On the other hand, growing children all the time and changing the details as they are growing. From a small drawing board to a higher desk when they start school. In essence, it is good to remember that you should be able to stand on a table, but it collapses. Is small children, it is good for furniture can be anchored to the wall. Children can climb up the shelf or cabinet can then roll over, and then beat the child off handsomely.

Storage is another important issue in every children’s room.
A Swedish child takes an average of more than 500 toys, I read recently in a survey. I wish you that you do not enter hundreds of toys in the children’s room, says Christel.

With today ekotänk I feel it is more right to clean on a regular basis and only keep the child actually use and sell or give away the plethora of better needy. Which toys playing child really doing? Just keep them, then the children’s room fun to find in and, not least, to play in, says Christel.

For the things you still have it good with proper storage, so that children and parents can quickly clean up the toys that are not used. Maybe a bed with drawers underneath or sturdy cabinets and bookcases. A few areas, such as a pair Picture Frames are nice to to expose the children’s own art or favorite toys.

Good lighting is important both for the children’s room should be cozy and functional.
A good trick to make the room cozy is to have several spotlights on a rail in the ceiling directed in different parts of the room, instead of a single lamp that spreads a flat omysigt light, says Christel.
Spotlights do half the job of an environment looks inviting and cozy, says Christel.

Complete ago with spot lighting in different places in the room.

The fun is to allow the child to be with and choose colors. Ask the children what they think. All children do not care, but often they have a favorite color. It is easy to repaint.

It can be fun to have wallpaper on one wall, or even a wall that you can paint with crayons, says Christel. Such paint is available in color dealers.

There are a lot of variations of colors and wallpapers to choose from A2zwallstickers. Only the imagination limits.

Interior Architect’s Advice When Decorating Children’s Rooms:

Let the child participate and decide.

Soft shapes that the child does not turn on.

Anchor furniture to the wall.

Over Furnish not.

Have generous floor areas.

Clear out toys that are not used.

Good lighting is important!

Christel has recently furnished two boy’s room that you can read on the links below.