Dandy Mens Style

The Dandy is for us men a unique and interesting style. That through an offhand weight handkerchief or tastefully combined stockings demonstrate style and an eccentric streak. In many ways the antithesis of anxiety and uncertainty-style where the step to exclusively give the appearance of after effect is never very far.

Simon Crompton, the writer behind the highly readable style blog Permanent Style which we previously referred, has written a very interesting reflection on the topic. The article’s main message is: “A man should be as formal as the occasion requires, and as dandified as it allows.” It is thoughtful with this quote is the sequence. Formal requirements first and then dandifierade peculiarities.

The question is how this rule is applicable for Swedish fashion climate, where, on the contrary, a strict and proper interpretation of the dress codes can result in a context overdressed attire. It may seem paradoxical, but to follow the dress codes when no one else is doing it is results in the person himself is seen as uddafågeln in context. Dress codes, however, should be viewed from a broader perspective than the conventional. For although few dress codes exist today recommend are more or less implicit norms about our attire. Not least when it comes to trends. While it is important to detect any kind of contemporary anchoring, it is almost a sin to slavishly follow the prevailing fashion. Unless you are totally being sarcastic with your fashion choices. When in addition, acceptance of eccentric details largely varies according to the workplace and occupational group, it will be particularly difficult to find a balance between that appear to be serious in their fashion choices, and through the same demonstrate their personality.

How boring it may sound is based a successful style with personal details just as strong in the knowledge that confidence. That through the subtle details demonstrate interest in clothes. Style is about to awaken interest, without seeking attention. Anyone can by a okoventionellt fashion choices create attention, but to dress after dress codes and standards are unencumbered by them is an art.

I recommend to read dandy style definition: http://businesscarriers.com/what-is-dandy-style/.