CyanogenMod Needs Your Help. Update: Limit Exceeded.

Update: Just leave a notice communicating the expected donations limit has been exceeded and that they will ask the necessary equipment next week. Good news for the community, which values the good and selfless work providing CyanogenMod.

It’s been three months since the source code for Ice Cream Sandwich was released. And that since then, many of us have been waiting for CyanogenMod9 to our terminals. As well, the team of CyanogenMod He has spoken out today, claiming that they have a big problem with financing.

In a statement through his blog, have unveiled their economic needs to maintain and distribute source code:

“ As you may already know, our Alpha builds have recently been sporadic in the best of cases. The reason behind this is that we had previously, access to large computing service to keep these compilations. This was really great, and gave us all the power that we needed to get more than 50 compilations to date. Unfortunately, we no longer have access to this computer, and won’t for quite some time. CM9 coming, and CM7.2 to go out, we’re in a small disaster. & #8221;

For this reason, say, they need to buy new hardware high performance which supplement these shortcomings. No, not can keep the “ nightly builds ”, almost daily compilations of these distributions, so it not could continue.

It would be a shame that they had to do this, so if you want to contribute, you can find PayPal donation links on its website.