Customize Different Hats

We propose two craft ideas for a personalized hats and give them a different and personal appearance.

We present a craft work to customize different hats. With these original ideas you can use any hat for different occasions: go to the street, Halloween, Carnival, etc.

Hat has always been a special supplement when dressing. If you fancy having one original and personalized, do not wait and watch the video that will give guidelines for a hat for all occasions, colorful, summer or winter.

We recovered some old hats that no longer were using and give them a new more contemporary and modern air.

  • Tools
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Stapler
  • Cola textile
  • materials
  • hats
  • Cloth
  • Thread
  • Tie
  • Feathers
  • beadwork
  • Velvet ribbon
Step by step to customize a straw hat

Step 1
The first step is to cut several circles of a scrap of fabric and  join them together by giving them the shape of a flower . To attach the flower we just created we can do so by joining either a staple or pieces with a few stitches.

Step 2
Then we will tie a fuchsia tie along the entire crown of the hat. We choose a fairly long loop to make the loop after falling down a side giving grace and movement to our hat.

Step 3
Finally, we sew the flowers that have created on one side and the loop just place.

Step by step to customize a wool hat

Step 1
To customize woolen hat will recycle some feathers left over us carnivals and create with them an original ornament for our hat. The get together with each other and look with a staple.

Step 2
Then place the ornament of feathers temporarily nailed to the hatband.

Step 3
With a velvet bow and a small gold buckle create a new tape for the original more decorative sobrero. We spent the next through the buckle and let pasting over the original hatband. Being a fairly thick velvet tie the adhesive will not mark, with other finer ties beware.