Custom Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for Nexus One

Last week Google and Samsung they had Ice Cream Sandwich in the Galaxy Nexus and also announced that the Nexus S would be present to receive the precious update terminals. During this week several manufacturers have announced that they will also receive ICS in its terminals.

What we know of the oldest terminals? According to the own responsible of Google, they not leave any terminal back, but it seems that it is confirmed that Nexus One will not receive ICS officially. That is the voice from the headquarters of Android, but we already know that the developer community knows how to deal with similar challenges.

History is that Google presented the SDK of ICS and also there is confirmation that will soon release the code source, which will serve for the cooks of Custom ROMs they can work more thoroughly in the modifications or adaptations of ICS for various abandoned terminals.

The defence of Google about why leave out the update of ICS to the Nexus One is that it has been determined that is old. Surely found facing the dilemma of updating it, presented a Slow ICS, or better wash your hands and delegate the responsibility of independent developers. Who knows what will have been but for the time being we not sitting well, although the unofficial alternatives they will always be the solution for many.

First Custom ROM ICS for the Nexus One

Whenever a manufacturer, even the footballer Google, forget a terminal to update there will be a group of developers to provide a solution. Proof of this is that thanks to MeDroid We already have a first test version of the Custom ROM ICS for the Nexus One, all thanks to the SDK, and though in the demo video you can see that it works, also note a lack of fluency. We leave you with another video that we announced a few days ago, while they restored the original, although the end result is almost the same.

For now it seems that work many things, like the launcher/desktop, lock screen and the interface in general, screen response to keystrokes, widgets, new folders and their management, and to conclude the new system of control buttons on screen.

On the contrary, the list of things that they do not work is quite important, all of them related with the hardware, so we will not have control over the camera, Wi-Fi access, the mobile network, the sound and the management of the new gallery. As we see everything is a problem of system drivers, It is often the main obstacle of all Custom ROMs, but will have to give them time to go to solving it. At the moment are the first breath of hope to this terminal.

For anyone interested in trying this first Custom ROM, even just to tinker with it, there is already a version to download and install by hand after making a Full Wipe. This type of process are responsibility of each one and always know how you perform the operation. The. ZIP, they warn, has been compiled and tested for amonRa Recovery. The process to be followed would be the following:

  • Download the zip file with the ROM and put it in the root of the memory card.
  • The Nexus One in the Recovery mode and make a full backup.
  • Do a Full Wipe.
  • Flashing the ROM and restart.

Not be if it worth the feat at this stage, but for those that want to try we wish you luck and let comments about how it has fared.