Crystal Body Chain Jewelry

This long chain of crystal jewelry gold layer is made of six layers cascading flash fire polished gold crystal amber and yellow glass beads attached to a neck piece or created from stone cabochon citrine fact hand, gold and cabochons pink light pink crystal. Citrine is a transparent variety yellow Champagne Quartz which draws its energy from the sun, a stone of the mind evokes the energy of positivity, verve and success. In Chinese culture, it is popularly known as a stone of prosperity. It is used for adornment to bring good fortune and business success, money and life. The back of the neck is lined with neoprene naked for a soft and comfortable feel.

This body jewelry shoulder luxurious and elegant drape gold is inspired by the exoticism and richness in detail the Moroccan seam. It is a work of art inspired by the Arabian Nights, Palace, princesses, and of course, sumptuous gold treasures of the royal city.

This body string piece crystal exquisite princess is a wonderful addition to formal dresses and has been a popular style for brides who want a wow factor one-of-a-kind look at their wedding. It is a jewel to wear if you want a contemporary and forward thinking that will make an unforgettable statement, iconic. For a sexier look, chicer, you can wear this beautiful piece shoulder with a shorter cocktail dress or pantsuit holding.

Size dimensions: Neck sizing SAR adjustable neck 12-18 inches. All size dimensions fit the size of the model, but are tailored and customized to fit each client’s size measurements. To order this body chain at