Creative Jewelry Wall Simply Self-Made

People, today there is a “two in a residential idea”.

This practical and at the same time pretty jewelery storage wall. Not just yours

Jewelry gives a new tidy home,

But also as a wall decoration

Good figure makes.

… the Do it Yourself can be found below in the article…

Are you a selbermacher? K licks “I like it”! So I know if you are interested in such topics.

The two slender figures (untreated wooden boards) I brought home from the hardware store and simply washed up with a little white wall paint – you can, of course, take a different hue. For the beautiful wood grain to be seen, the wall paint has to be thinned with some water and then evenly painted with a damp sponge on the wooden surface. Leave to dry and then twist and twist screw hooks and nails into the board at irregular intervals. TIP Long nails hold wide chains or bracelets securely in place. On top of the board edge, the jewelery wall provides shelves for rings or earrings. Practical: As the boards are so narrow, they fit well into small otherwise unused spaces.

Admittedly, this wall decoration is more for jewelery overtones that are on chains. If you like it small and fine, you will find suggestions for how to place your little jewelery like pendants, rings and earplugs. You will be surprised at this super-simple storage space where small pieces of jewelry are protected against unwanted scratches and dents. For this purpose, there are my five best jewelery tips-for fashion jewelery and real jewelery lovers.

TIP The cool unusual jewelery in my jewelry stock is available online at Proexchangerates.comMy knitted pouf is from car self-assembly.

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