Creative Costume for Graduation

Cherished ballroom now Bulgarian graduates in recent years, mostly associated with much vanity and display extremely glossy and even kitschy dresses. In an attempt to attract the attention of others, and to stand against their peers, seniors native appeared in all sorts of wacky outfits, some of them rather vulgar.

Clothing for Graduation

This year, however, several young men decided to escape the universal understanding of whalebone toilet and perhaps failed to pass a new fashion. The first graduate, which failed to impress throughout Bulgaria, giving up shiny and fancy dress is a 19-year-old Sylvia Chitakova from PMG Nikola Obreshkov – town.

She appeared at the ball extremely simple but elegant long white dress embroidered with ethnic motifs. Besides stunning embroidery dress and had an authentic belt with buckles. The lovely and very gentle robe made for two months and conceived and painted by Sylvia.

Another dvanadesetoklasnichka that does not affect the taste of most native graduates is Nicolas Dimitrova from the National School of Music and Dance Dobrin Petkov – c.
Young beauty chose to appear on one of the most exciting nights of my life with a stylized folk costume. Amazing dress of Nicolaus sewn in just two days. It consists only of white and red colors and is an interpretation of folk tunes Shope end.

Authentic robe was actually a surprise for a school leaver from a close friend of her father – Hristo Dimitrov, who is the founder of National Bulgare folklore ensemble.

Original example of both patriotic followed and two youths from the village poor region. In the month of vanity graduates choose expensive and exquisite costumes and left without words their students after they hit the ball with Bulgarian costumes. See for definitions.

Immediately noticed that the clothing of both is neat to the smallest element. The boys certainly managed to stand strong against all of its peers, which reached even to extremes when choosing outfits for her prom night.