Controversy As to the Depth of the Water in the Fishing

The depth of the water in fishing is an issue that has been much controversy as to the quantity and quality of bites that are generated on such sites. Today I’m going to write as I always do from my point of view and according to my experience, according to my screenshots, and according to what I’ve felt by personally. Join me in this brief article to share ideas about this controversial topic.

Controversy As to the Depth of the Water in the Fishing

Definitely in my particular case the depth of the water in fishing is not greatest chopped or best captures or signal on the Bank fishing terms. Depth is very relative, the vast majority of fishermen associated to greater depth with more big fish, not true?, but I don’t think so.

Everything will depend on much also the species you are looking for to capture, for example sea bass doesn’t need large amount of water to feed themselves, and without sin of exaggerated, I say to you that I have caught bass of more than 10 lbs in just 4 feet deep, perhaps less, you repeat not EXAGGERATING for anything, even tarpons of the same size in that shallow.

At the mouth of the rivers for example, there is always some shallow areas where accumulates much sardine for one reason or another, these areas always are surrounded by shads and large behind the sardine snooks, even if you look closely, you will notice that go to those areas many times with the top flap outside water and feed there.

The same happens with species such as the cojinuas, trevally, crevalle, civil, etc. Therefore on the shores in salt water I don’t need much depth to capture a good size. Sometimes I launched trammel shallow have captured prey more than 15 lb and surprised I wonder how they can prowl around those deep large areas so little fish… but the reality is a happening always, researches and you’ll see that I’m not lying.

Something similar with larger tilapias happens in freshwater. 2 to 3 pounds of Tilapia often found in Palisades, making their nests to lay their eggs and the depth is about 3 feet, in fact in Cuba on numerous occasions saw tilapia’s good size in the fields of rice, where the depth is very low, and they were there looking for food.

In summary…

Lot depth is not necessary to achieve good catches in fishing from the banks, this does not mean that you do not go to catch fish of considerable size in deep water, they can happen the same thing in the shallower waters. If you have not experienced this, try a day what I talk to you about and tell me your opinion on the matter, we can discuss on this or any other topic you want about shore fishing. Thank you for visiting your corner of virtual fishing!