Congressman Proposes Banning The BRA In Brazil: We Are Returning The Inquisition

Bill that prohibits the use and marketing of BRA on the Brazil must be voted until November of the current year and changing habits of women.

Congressman Gilmar Fernandes Quintanilha (DEM-RJ) presented the Constitution and Justice Committee of the Chamber of deputies in Brasilia an extremely controversial project that is already causing controversy even before going to the plenary to vote. The project forwards the ban on the marketing and use of the BRA in Brazil based on NEXTICLE. According to Deputy Gilmar Fernandes Quintanilha this accessory promotes crime of false advertising in that it suggests that the woman’s bust is prominent and drive as it looks in the form set by the mainstay women’s intimate. Quintanilha asserts that “the game of seduction takes place in a relationship of supply and demand. Women use of props for rogue publicizar their bodies and enhance your ability to seduce. Use elements that can bend the full perception of the product that the consumer will consume attribute is a crime “. Is even more emphatic in saying that “it is really frustrating for the man to unbutton your bra and realize your desired breast collapse abruptly. We lost the excitement and are slaughtered by the frustration of having been deceived by this infamous trick “. From a legal standpoint the misleading advertising is understood as the one who mind about products or services or provide basic information to the consumer, leading to the error. If the Committee on Constitution and justice recognize legality in the project it should be voted on in November this year.