Common Food of Dogs and People!

Did You Know That There Are Many Foods That You Can Give To Dogs? Meet Some Of Them.

You’re eating and your best friend hope win a piece? Did you know that there are some foods that can be given to dogs? How about some of them and your importance to your health? Curious to know what they are? Then be sure to read this article!

Before giving any food for your best friend, talk to the vet, okay? We know the foods that may be common to us and the dogs?
Yogurt: he is an excellent source of calcium and protein. The type of yogurt that must be given to the dog is without sugar and sweetener.That is, a more natural yogurt, and preferably it has probiotics. In warmer weather, a frozen yogurt can be an excellent alternative, don’t you think?

Flax seeds: are an excellent source of Omega 3 and contribute to the maintenance of a healthy. But, if you’re giving those seeds to your dog, don’t give, ok? Another tip is linseed oil, which is more concentrated and has no fiber.

Salmon: is also very well known for the presence of Omega 3, providing many benefits to the skin of the dog on You can choose between giving the dog salmon or salmon oil. If you choose fish, cook it before ok? The raw salmon can have parasites that can harm the health of your dog.

Eggs: are rich in digestible protein sources, selenium and Riboflavin also.But, before giving a little egg for your dog, make sure they are thoroughly cooked, because raw can cause biotin deficiency.

Apples: the fruits have lots of vitamin A and C, and has a lot of fiber. But the seeds of apples should be avoided and should not be given to the dog, due to the presence of cyanide.

Oats: is rich in soluble fiber, and great food for elderly dogs, having some sort of trouble intestinal tract. It should be cooked and served without sugar or sweeteners.

Sweet potato: it is rich in the following components: fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, beta-carotene, and magnesium.

Pumpkin: it has lots of fiber and composition in your beta carotene, plus a lot of vitamin a.

Liked these tips on food for your dog? So, when you are enjoying an Apple, can give a little bit for him. But, remember to talk to your vet before. Know any other good foods for dogs? Count here on the blog!