Classic Shirt Collar-Step By Step Explained

To sew a classic shirt collar is train give way isn’t easy, but it should work:

Download PDF of the sewing description

then boil a tea or coffee and completely read through the description of sewing in peace and quiet!

Manage creating materials for a sample collar!

Here directoryaah provides the step by step sewing description:

Cut The Shirt Collar

A classic shirt collar needed iron deposit. Clamp the Insert with the same thread run only on the fabric and cut the collar, then 2 x and once the outer Jetty.
Forget not the seam allowances.
Because the inner part of the bridge should not be provided with deposit, cut it to so, that the lower seam allowance is free of deposits.

Sew Collar

Put both collar pieces right sides and sew the outer seam (see drawing). Cut back seam allowances at the corners and turn the collar, shackle him and the open edge sew together.
Put together the outer part of the Jetty on the collar, so that the cut edges are together and stitch the collar and part of the bridge.
Unbeklebte seam allowance at the inner Jetty brackets inwards and stitch it firmly over the entire length.
Put the inner part of the Jetty on the collar sewn on and turn the work.
You can now see on the left side of the outer Jetty part, which is covered with deposits.Close the second part of the Jetty directly in the first seam.
Close to the curvature of the bridge with small stitches and cut up the seam allowances, turn the bridge on the right side. Clamp the bridge and steppe on the dock side narrowly along the collar seam.

Sew The Collar In The Neck

Now put the collar with the outer part of the Jetty on the neck of the shirt and mid back starting the collar until mid front close firmly.
Clamp the seam allowances in the bridge and the inner dock are stuck, then steppe from the shirt right here from the Center starting along the entire length of the bridge.