Chrome Surpasses Safari

It was going to happen sooner or later, but the launch of versions for Mac and Linux Chrome browser gave the little push that the program needed to take the Safari the rank of third most used internet browser apart.

Now present in the three major operating systems used in the world of browser Google won the preference of 4.4% of mariners, only 0.03% more than recorded by the apple company program, which got 4.37%, as reported by the research firm Net Aplications. Nearly a technical draw.

The data also show that between 6 and 12 December Chrome use jumped from 3% to 6.34% between Linux users and 0.3% to 1.3% in the next Apple’s strength. In interview for Computerworld , Vince Vizzcaro, president of NetAplications said it will be interesting to see how an independent browser as Chrome face Firefox, IE and Safari in their native operating systems – in this case, Linux, Windows and OSX: “it will be a powerful competitor, “he says.

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Meanwhile, global data show that, despite registering sharp fall some time, various versions of IE still account for 63.6% of online computers, as Firefox is beating the 24.7%.