Christmas Special | I’ll Have A Blue Christmas

Our common Christmas special unfortunately nearing the end. But for the finale we us the most beautiful ever recorded – our outfits – there is now!

The dress I have a deer chain in Vintagegoldoptik, but I will give on Christmas Eve guess on it, because I’m just not the type of chain carriers. I celebrate that tons of jewelry on fingers, arm joints and I’ll stay true to ears and the on Christmas Eve!

My heels are blue and have glitter stones and because I really never wore them, they will have a big scene for Christmas. Now I think about it, if I choose a black pantyhose… Let’s look how almost to all things :), I have a little story to my Christmas outfit 🙂 First, I signed up Yes for the peplum top from H & M + decided and I was sure that this would be my Weihnachtsoutift the associated rock -. But it was different. Than I’ve been this week in the city, I scurried for a few minutes to H & M and scrutinised more closely again that + size Department, in addition to the maternity clothes H & M Mama is… well, there I then also landed and saw this dress “at the first moment to the colour effulgent out nothing” and took it to the dressing room. Jacket, Cardigan and dress undress, put on a new dress, tighten belts and then the view from the front, turn around 180 ° and look to the rear view and there it was to me happen – H & M dressing, I want to have you at home! Also the dress just had with but has now totally excited!

Lovely Ladies, GlamourGirl80, and Miss Biggy imagine parallel their Christmas outfits. Necessarily look for plus size can not enough seen himself tired of Lady outfits 🙂

And now we come to the end and I’m almost something sad… the special made me happy, but it was also incredibly busy so just before Christmas. I want to thank very warmly the girls GlamourGirl80 and Miss Biggy for your commitment, your understanding and any kind of help, with which they have supported me, E.g. Miss Biggy has designed the beautiful banner us 🙂 You two are really fabulous women and I am to have met me to you by the German Bloggerschaft.
But thank you, many readers, for the numerous comments and great feedback!

I wish you all a happy, blessed and if we should not read by us in the new year, the we plaster even an ordinary slip all of us cheerfully and see healthy again! 2013 to us many exciting and positive achievements in terms of any give