Christmas Shopping Online Or In Store: Privilege For Toys?

That’s December rang, and the race to Christmas gifts will begin. Your children have shown you their lists and like every year, you will attempt to reconcile pleasure and savings. We give you a simple trick?

Christmas is fast approaching. Your toddlers stomp probably already with impatience and certainly have been quick to write their list to Santa Claus ! How many dolls, toys Avengers, the snow Queen, Dory, Pokémon or other Star Wars figurines will be ordered this year (we have the answer: a lot!)? And if we tried (as every year) to please our little while ensuring its budget?

Compare prices and buying guide site, went through three caterogies of toys:

-The “winners of the Grand Prize of the toy 2016” (from the annual list of the review of the toy), who are a happy mix of news and other fashion games

-The corolla, classics of the little girls dolls

– And toys licensed products and derivatives. Just as fashionable through the movies, cartoon, games that give rhythm to the daily life of our little darlings.

Results of the comparison for these three categories: purchases online are cheaper than in shops and allow you to achieve great savings!

To do this, compared offers stores of toys the great playground, Oxybul and giant Casino, in physical store and online. The infographic below list, toy by toy, the average price in the store and the % of savings by shopping online (obtained thanks to the price of the cheapest offer found on

Of course, several online sites can offer the same toy, which induces a change in the price higher or lower online.

For example, if your little Princess asked Daddy Christmas “My first baby hug Kiss” of corolla, you will realize up to 6% savings if you buy online. The average price of this doll in the shop being €37.79 and €39.99 in store.

Big price difference also between the watch Hasbro Yo – Kai Watch purchased online (average price: €15.61) and on-site (€24.96). Order on the Internet can help an economy, whereas up to-37%!

And port fees, can you tell us? They are of course to be taken into account, but it is good to know that from a certain amount, shipping costs are often offered, and for Christmas even more).

We’ll let you take a look at this INFOGRAPHIC: we bet you can bring happiness to your child at a lower price!