Christmas: Selection of Toys More… Scary!

At Christmas, find the perfect toy isn’t always easy. On the other hand, know what it is worth better not offer the kitties can be! To guide you, here is a selection of the more distressing toys!

Toys for Christmas are not always cute and easy… instead they can be scary and put the kitties very badly at ease! Proposed by, here is a selection of the more distressing Christmas… toys to avoid at all costs if our loulou what a beautiful night without nightmares!

1) the howling giraffe, which offers a really melodic screams concert

2) the greedy piggy bank of parts, in which it was afraid to put his fingers

3) the evil doll, also a little too much makeup

4) the contortionist clown, very disturbing mix of The Exorcist and the evil clown Ca by Stephen King

5) The alien who puts the children very uncomfortable (evidence is when one observes the tight face of the little girl)

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Real counterexample to the perfect gift, this non-exhaustive list could traumatize the little ones! Besides hoping that this small selection gives bad dreams… kids or moms!