Christmas: Our Tips to Find Cheap Gifts

Between gifts for children, meals, decoration, or even travel in family, not easy for not firing in the red after the holidays year-end. Before Christmas is as festive as economic, back on some good plans for cheap gifts.

The countdown to Christmas has begun. To avoid the rush, the stress of not finding the great dinosaur Loulou destructor but especially the soaring prices, the writing book you some tips to buy cheaper toys at Christmas.

Cheap Gifts: Foreign Sites
Good terms of Sandrine, 34, magicmaman of three children: “every year at Christmas, I order some of my gifts on foreign, particularly German sites.” I find brands toys that my kids love between 20 and 30% cheaper than in France. We can even find the novelties that will get out at home a year later! »
Remains a precaution: avoid to go at the last minute, at the risk of facing stock-outs and take into account delivery times.

Cheap Gifts: Dfuture Toy Tester
This tip offers the advantage to test free of many toys and juvenile home. In return, you must seriously review the brand or the body responsible for collecting the opinions of consumers.

Cheap Gifts: Discounters
Online stores offers all kinds of games and toys at knock-down prices, with discounts up to 50%. These sites are well designed and offer a variety of gifts for children. To be sure to save money, make a “Scouting” in your Super. You will thus be able to judge the proposed promotions.

Cheap Gifts: the Signs Where One Can Pay Several Times Free
Each year, at the time of the holidays, the major retailers offer payment facilities. In short, you have the option of paying your Christmas in several races without charge. Note: generally, only the loyalty card customers can enjoy these benefits. Generally, you can get this card very easily to the customer area, it is free and allows to pay in 2, 3, 5 or even 10 times free of charge from a certain amount. Most toy stores but also supermarkets and stores such as EntertainmentDNS allowing you to ease your budget… over the months.

Not Expensive Gifts: the Flea Market
Fall is the perfect season to run the flea markets and find the rare Pearl’s Christmas gift. Of course, you won’t find new but you can sometimes fall on a great opportunity. The interest of these garage: find the tricycle overpriced wants you Loulou for months… much cheaper than in a store specializing.

For that to be interesting (and profitable!) don’t do flea markets than if you are looking for a ‘big’ gift (bike, Scooter,…). Attention, please ensure the correct working what you buy. Of course, you make a saving on the price but you have no way of against you the seller in case product.

Cheap Gifts: Toys Scholarships
More specific than flea markets, toy awards are a mine of id & eaceacute; are at low prices. They bloom everywhere in France just before Christmas and allow parents to the budgets of some real bargains. Just inquire about dates of scholarship to the toys and you go… Army of patience! Sometimes the offer is so important that we spend a lot of time looking for the nugget that they had come to find.

Another possibility, if buy the opportunity do you not, you can drop, as a seller, your children’s old toys to raise a little money for your Christmas gifts. The morning of the stock market or a few days before you leave your old games organizers, set the prices of objects and come pick up your check at the end of the stock market.

Cheap Gifts: Large Stores Promotions
In the month of September, supermarkets and hypermarkets are promotional offers on some toys, soft toys or games for children. To qualify, simply just to be vigilant and to meticulously Peel promotions of your hyper. You can find big and plush for just €10 or type ‘small farm with animals’ games for about €15.

Note however: do not expect to find toys from brands or Christmas hits. Only toys of the Distributor or brand marks are the subject of such discounts.

Cheap Gifts: Compare Prices
Internet sites let you know where the fire truck and the doll crave your little ones are the cheapest. You specify in the site search engine what is the toy you are looking for and then appears a list of websites with prices and shipping costs.

Cheap Gifts: Toys Rental
Instead of ruin in games and toys that don’t enjoy your children as a time, consider renting. On the same principle that a classic rental, you choose the toys that interest you and the time you want them to keep. Some sites require users to become members to take advantage of their services.

The rental price depends on the toy and the number of days you want to keep it. Average price: one euro a day rental. The most significant small: the return costs are usually free. With this solution, you can choose to buy the “ephemeral” gifts at low prices and rent more expensive parts.

Cheap Gifts: Farea Choice Within A Line of Toys
Explanations. Christmas, your little one you claimed for the famous blonde doll with her dog, her baby, his house, his caravan, etc. Impossible for take you all him! The idea of this trick is to buy only a product of the range and complete as and extent of birthdays and other holidays. Alternative: you can also ask relatives if they can complete with the baby or the dog.

Cheap Gifts: the Evenings Barter
To save money at Christmas time while spoiling your kids, nothing better than a night swapped between friends. To do this, invite the Moms in your life to your home and ask them to bring games their children got tired. Around a small meal, collect all of the toys and exchange them between you. Banish beforehand the damaged toys. Old toys of each will make the happiness of others and especially of their children!

Cheap Gifts: Making the Ordinary Exceptional Toys Toys
For Christmas, you’ve decided to give your daughter a wonderful jewelry box. Unfortunately for you, the few boxes that correspond to the tastes of your daughter are sold at an exorbitant price. Why not opt for a simple, wooden, sold without decoration and painting jewelry box? The bulk of the work is up to you so but with your fingers, you can make a yet very ordinary room.

Paint, Pearl, collage and even engraving,…, the only limit is your creativity. You can of course do the same with many objects like a mirror, a wooden horse or a dinette, glass or porcelain service…


Cheap Gifts: Video Games
Your children are fans of video games of all kinds and spend hours in front of their console? This year, you decided to spoil them by offering them new PS3, DS, or even WII games. Unfortunately for you, these games usually cost a small fortune and quickly become off-budget.

But did you know that there were many ways to pay these cheaper games? Some stores like Fnac for example offers to order a game before its official release and benefiting customers with vouchers. With these, they can then buy another game at a lower cost.

Another tip, buy games in specialty shops. These have been used but are sold in perfect condition, sometimes at half price, and more importantly, often very shortly after their release.

Cheap Gifts: Reductions Sites
Every day on the Web, more and more sites generating coupons emerged. The principle of these: provide users of reductions to use within many signs (products of beauty, toys, clothing…). The user has nothing to pay, the only requirement to use his voucher is buying its products online, on the site of the brand. In two clicks, you can benefit many discounts and save on your Christmas shopping.

Cheap Gifts: Grandparents Attic
Have you ever thought to ask your parents if they had kept your children’s toys? And better yet, if they – memse had kept their toys to time? Over the years, we often forget the little treasures that lurk inside the attic. A Doll House, Board Games today vintage and even old clothes back into fashion among adolescents… The attic of the grandparents can be be a goldmine for your children!

Cheap Gifts: Create Its Own Board Games
This year, why not create a to Z some of the gifts that you will give your kitties? For example, you may think your own board game, a game that only your child will possess and who will be in the colors of your family.

The most difficult: find an original concept which will appeal to your children. For the rest, arm yourself with cardboard, paper, paint, markers and pens and launch you into creating a game out of the ordinary. And to further customize your creation, why not use photographs of your family in your game?

Cheap Gifts: Antiquing on the Internet
Usually, when we think of Christmas gifts, we’re almost automatically heading to major retailers. Yet, the products offered by them are sometimes more expensive than the creations of individuals sold on the internet.

This is the case for example of the sewing box, which offers wonderful little gems that will appeal to young girls and adolescents. For ten euros only, it will be possible to find your daughter a cupcake shaped ring or earrings sushi. Don’t stick so not to major retailers.

Your watchword: arm you your mouse but also patience in order to find the small designers who will make you happy. A precaution however: be sure to check that the means of online payments are secure.


Cheap Gifts: Make Participate His Entourage!
The trick may be old as the world, but it is always effective. Your motto this Christmas: the more, the merrier. To make the point clear on who offers what and what is the budget of each, nothing beats a good old Christmas list. The little extra: lists online that allow to do directrement your purchase from home.

Our favorite: the birth of Magicmaman list service (of course!) that will soon be available for your Christmas lists!