Christmas Nail Art for 2014, Many Ideas for a Themed Manicure

Christmas Nail art ideas for 2014, perfectly in tune with the lively atmosphere of the holidays. From classic Christmas shades to colorful glitter, here’s how glamorizing your manicure.

You’re in full festive spirit? You have already bought a red dress or a glittery dress to wear during the holidays? Then you must combine it with a nail art bubbling perfectly in tune with the lively atmosphere of Christmas. What does it take? Doubtless much color, a touch of gold and silver, glitter and lots of imagination and creativity, proportionate obviously to your decorative abilities.

A perfect manicure for Christmas

We start from the choice of colors, obviously will not come on red, available in a very wide variety of shades, but if you’re looking for something more particular, then worth considering other strong colors such as green, silver and gold, and of course the white for details of your nail art. But before proceeding with nail art itself, make sure your manicure is flawless, then via cuticles, nails filed down, and passed well transparent base.

In addition to the choice of color and glitter that are typically on holidays, we will also have to choose some of the hottest topics associated with parties. Green light then to snowmen, snowflakes, Christmas trees, reindeer and abstract prints in shades of Christmas. You have absolutely no idea how to make your manicure super-festiva? Then please take a look at our gallery on, you will surely find many ideas for a Christmas nail art.

Don’t forget to use a good top coat to last longer than your nail art.