Chinos for Women in Casual Sytles and Trendy Colors

Without chinos, nothing runs in the women’s clothing! The popular chino pants of especially chinos in colorful, bright colors are still trend current and suiting. Typical material is a particular twill fabric grip soft cotton, which makes popular chino pants especially as summer pants, according to anycountyprivateschools. But the chino pants are by no means a novel invention of the past few seasons that begins history of the chino pants already much earlier: already from the middle of the 19th century, the Twill fabric was used for uniform pants. Soldiers brought these pants also in civilian clothes. Because the special cloth was originally produced in China, he got the Spanish name chino in the Philippines. The term of the chinos was then transferred to the pants themselves. To conserve fabric, chinos had no envelopes, which is still typical of the chino pants. The two pockets front as well as the waist pleats creating volume of chino pants are still characteristic for chino pants. In addition, chinos are often equipped with a low rise and a straight or narrow growing leg cut. Since chino pants was created originally as a summer pants, there more and more in bright, cheerful colors. Meanwhile chino pants to be worn but every season, so there are chinos in thicker fabrics and dark colors. Chinos are suitable just for the summer but also the rolling up of the Chino pants for a very casual look is also announced in 7/8 length. Incidentally, many kinds of shoes fit perfectly to the chino pants: flat ballerinas, elegant high heels, sporty sneakers or fine slippers the combination possibilities for chino pants are extremely versatile. Chinos fit by the way, in addition to its recreational fitness also great in the office also chino pants constitute a high fashion counterweight to the dominance of the jeans! So: Now look in the Bridgat online shop and choose your new favorite chino pants! Whether a pair of chino trousers in neutral beige, trendy red or fresh green at Bridgat find the whole variety of the chino pants! Do not hesitate and order your new chino pants today!

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