Check Reasons Why Women Are Afraid to Face the Bikini

Research Shows That 40% Of Them Avoid The Piece Because They Are Overweight

It seems contradictory, but it is proven in research: women are uninhibited when taking off their clothes for the partner, but feel absolutely uncomfortable when dressing the most used costume of the station.The problem is not being overweight. It is also not to assume the fat in intimacy with the partner. It’s really difficult to face the bikini.

A survey conducted by the Ideafix institute with 800 women aged 18 to 45 years in four Brazilian capitals, among them Porto Alegre, shows that 40% of them avoid bikinis because they are overweight. On the other hand, 80.3% are not ashamed to show their bodies to their husbands. To complete, 10% of Brazilians scored zero for their bikini body.

Among Porto Alegre, the average is even higher: 13% gave zero to their body wearing a bikini. The clothes that most value the body of the gaúchas, according to themselves, is the fair jeans, with 16% of note 10.

The bikini is much more than a clothing, it is a philosophy of life. According to words on aberdeensavings, wearing the bikini means saying, “I’m feeling good about my body in the best way possible,” and each one has their best possible body? says endocrinologist Alfredo Halpern of the University of São Paulo, invited by Nesfit to comment on the research data commissioned by the brand.

This philosophy is full of contradictions. The data show that 68.1% of Brazilians want to lose weight, 47.4% would like to lose 10 kilos or more, but 52.1% would already be happier with five kilograms less.However, 49.3% make no effort to do so. Among the Porto Alegre, 70% admit that they do nothing to lose weight, but 46% are very concerned about maintaining weight.

It does not fall from the sky, it requires commitment. Maintaining an adequate weight requires a permanent change of lifestyle – comments the psychologist Marco Tommaso.

Changing the way of life has nothing to do with diets of food restriction, although this is a resource adopted by 57% of the Porto Alegre. While 80% change their diet during the regimen, only half do physical activity. The lack of time is the main argument of 66% of them to justify the sedentarismo.

Any exercise is better than no exercise. No need to run an hour, 10 minutes of bodybuilding, twice a week can help maintain lean body mass – teaches physical educator Dudu Netto.

That is, it has to fit a little time in the routine to move. Even more than the body wanted by most of the interviewees is the “hot” type, with 47.9%. However, despite the likely aesthetic benefits, the biggest advantage of adopting healthy habits is to make life more enjoyable, allowing you to discover the beauty that is far beyond the bikini.

Default Is Out Of Standard

If the fashion world convenes what we call the “beauty pattern,” something seems to be wrong. Only 1% of people fall into the “model” biotype.?

Is the pattern out of the standard? warns the psychologist Marco Tommaso.

His advice is to find out what each woman can change and to live properly with what she can not or does not want to mock.?

Does not accepting oneself cause a loss to social life? says.

Psychologist Cristina Copett speaks of a pathological narcissistic ideal in which woman substitutes essence for appearance. In this scenario, disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and body dysmorphic disorder are common, usually associated with factors such as depression and social phobias. To overcome these disorders, a multidisciplinary approach is indicated that allows the patient to change his or her own concept of appearance, what is possible and what can not be modified so as not to be hostage to aesthetic values.?

Beauty is not only physical, it is mental. When the person is well with himself, does this also appear in the body? teaches the psychologist.

Do Not Skip The Breakfast

The endocrinologist Alfredo Halpern states that one of the essential conditions to lose? and keep? the proper weight is breakfast. The importance of the first meal for weight loss is proven by scientific studies, according to Halpern:

All research indicates that the time you eat may be important to metabolize the nutrients.

For the physical educator Edu Netto, those who eat breakfast have a healthy lifestyle in the set of their attitudes.

Is it common for people to begin to control their eating more because of exercise? exemplifies.

Nutritionist Júlia Melnick reinforces the importance of morning meal to maintain weight:

Without it, we arrived with much more hunger at lunch time. In addition, prolonged fasting decreases caloric expenditure, impairing weight loss.

According to the Ideafix survey, 64% of Porto Alegre customers say they have breakfast. The ratio is good; The problem is the menu. Among those making the morning meal, 77% drink black coffee, while only 12% invest in natural juices. Júlia clarifies that coffee can be a healthy option if accompanied by a sandwich or morning cereal.

Hiking Is The Most Practiced Exercise In Porto Alegre. It Works

Practiced by 60% of those interviewed who say they exercise regularly in Porto Alegre, walking can help with weight loss or maintenance, provided it is of an extended duration.

Running is also a good option, but people usually can not practice for so long. In addition, the walk has less impact and there is less risk of injury – warns sports doctor Rosemary de Oliveira Petkowicz.

Another positive point of the walk, according to her, is that it is democratic: just go to a park or even walk an avenue of the city. At this time of year, summer time may be an ally to get into the habit, taking advantage of the longer days.

According to the doctor, 40 minutes of walking, five times a week, help to lose weight. For those who find it impossible to have this time on the agenda? justification of 66% of Porto Alegre for the sedentary lifestyle? the good news is that time can be divided:

The person can walk 20 minutes in the morning and another 20 at night, for example, maintaining the same benefits not only aesthetic but also health.

The doctor’s only caveat is for anyone who has joint problems, such as knee or hip arthrosis. In these cases, it is more appropriate to choose an aquatic exercise, such as water aerobics, which has a reduced impact.

The Menu Of The Porto Alegre

The nutritionist Júlia Melnick dissects the composition of the breakfast of the residents of the Capital, according to the proportion of consumption of the items marked as always consumed by those who claim to make the morning meal.

77% coffee: it can be a healthy option as long as the person does not just drink coffee. You also have to remember that the breakfast cup should be added to the others consumed throughout the day, no more than two servings per day.

70.4% breads: it is a great source of carbohydrates, but the ideal is the full version, rich in fiber. It should not be consumed in excess, due to the high caloric value.

58% butter / margarine: they are high in fat and should be used infrequently and in small portions. The ideal is the saltless and light version.

49% milk: extremely recommended as it is rich in calcium, which prevents osteoporosis, and helps a lot in satiety. It can be served cold or hot, according to the preference of each. Remembering that the ideal is to separate it from black coffee or chocolate, since these accompaniments can decrease the absorption of calcium. It can be consumed pure, accompanying a sandwich or morning cereal.

35.8% cheese / curd: option also rich in calcium and well recommended, being healthier and indicated if consumed in the light or skimmed version due to fat reduction. Whole versions can lead to weight gain and total cholesterol.

27.2% fruits: healthy, low calorie, rich in different vitamins and minerals. Can and should they be consumed daily? at least two a day. Remembering that the larger the variety, the better. Because they are rich in fiber, they help in the intestinal functioning, besides lowering cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose.

18.5% salami / turkey breast / ham: they are considered inbuilt, which is quite harmful to health due to excess sodium in each of these foods. They can cause increased blood pressure, in addition to increasing swelling or fluid retention in the body.

14.8% salty crackers: not recommended, as they are generally extremely poor in vitamins and minerals.In addition to being rich in sodium, impairing health, they cause little satiety.

12% natural juices: very healthy, however in slimming diets ends up being little recommended by the amount of calories. Ideally, it should be prepared at the time of consumption and not the day before to decrease nutrient loss.

8,6% granola: It can be found with and without sugar. The ideal is to always consume the least sugar version possible. There are different versions on the market, with chocolate, raisins and nuts. Highly recommended for being rich in fiber, but caloric, so you should pay attention to the portion size.

7.4% yogurt: Fairly recommended for being rich in calcium, in addition to having live lactobacilli, which aid in bowel functioning. Remembering that the ideal is to have only natural sweeteners and dyes in the formulation.

4.9% morning cereals: Very healthy in sugar-free versions because of the high fiber content, which, in addition to helping to lower cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose, helps the gut and increases the sensation of satiety. Can be combined with yogurts or milks.