Cheap American Flag Home Decor

American flag so often and so interesting to use in interior design that has become a true decorative element. Today for you – the American flag as a way to decorate the interior.

American flag in general very decorative – red and white stripe plus a blue field with stars – it is beautiful, bright and dynamic, hence the popularity of this design. The American flag is used not only in its original bright red, white and blue version, but also, in the dim. See what turned a wonderful color palette in this interior and how well it fit the American flag on the pillow.

American flag in a muted form is often used in the interiors in the style of American country music. This is the style of the American ranch with lots of wood and stone, with old fixtures and heavy furniture. American flag painted on the boards and put on the fire or hung on the wall.

As you can see in the photo in Businessjust, on the right, the American flag is not just a good fit in the style of American country music, but also sets the adequate color palette of the interior in this style – blue metal bed, blue and white linens and red and white decor perfectly with wood, small windows, general small spaces.

This color scheme of the interior does not look any closer, nor dark nor uncomfortable. Very fresh, contrasting vigorously. The impression of the interior – a characteristic feature of many American styles, including style cottage.

On the left you can see a very nice living room in cottage style, which at first the American flag is not even evident – the first violin is played by large windows and furniture. American flag painted on the board and put on an empty shelf rack, sets the color palette for the cushions, and all together looks very harmonious.

But in the bedroom style cottage, where the American flag is used as curtains. Or we can say – curtains painted like the American flag. In any case, it turned out very original and again – in contrast, fresh and energetic.

Entrance hall-style cottage on the photo on the left is also a good supplement to the American flag. The cottage style is used a lot of white, so a contrast blue-white-red flag always fit in this style.

Generally agree, it looks very strange to us. American flag on the facade of the house we can still somehow understand, but as a bad element of the interior, he fits in our minds. And it speaks only about how well interior design reflects the cultural characteristics of the countries and peoples.

But the children’s room in the cottage style – red-white-blue solution. Wallpaper is a bit strange in red and the blue cage, but everything else was very nice and the American flag is very appropriate.

In the photo to the left – the American classic style – carved wooden panels, big heavy furniture, carpet, fireplace. A typical picture of a rich American home mid XIX century.

Such interiors if they survived from those times, very carefully preserved in its original form. American flag – a frequent element in the American classics.

American Retro – pictured right. Close to the classics, the differences in the nuances – on the carpet is not a classic pattern, and the pattern in modern style, bentwood chairs with black leather seats, an abstract painting on the wall. Note how the American flag, and easily fits into the classic and retro interior.

Retro style is diverse. In the photo on the right – a retro with a strong classical motifs, very calm interior, but the cushion in the form of the American flag completely it does not spoil!

In the photo at the bottom of the left – a bedroom in retro style with Art Nouveau elements, pictured bottom right – a fragment of a retro living room with country elements. American flag fits perfectly and there and there.

American retro style is very fond of homemade American flags painted on boards, photo frames, table tops tables and even just on the walls.

The interior of the guest room at the photo on the right – with elements of retro sea style. Characteristic for this style combination of dark blue with white and red perfectly supported by the American flag, a wall-mounted. Such use of the flag looks like something particularly touching.