Charm And Versatility: The Cardigans From The Collection

We can’t resist the charm of the cardigans. They are lightweight, warm and squishy, i.e., perfect for the arrival of autumn. 

The novelty is that, in the collection tales of the field, they won a few centimeters in length. That way, make up a graceful production that brings a retro scent you love. Directly from the streets, the people were inspired to compose proportions and looks beautiful!

Here at Antix, they complement the look in a game of proportions, colors and prints. The Smooth Long Cardigan comes in variants blue night and rust, while the Plain Cardigan brings a shorter version. The Long Jacquard Cardigan came in black color and pattern, with details on the handles and on the bar. The Plain Cardigan Midi came in shades (beautiful!) and black.

The big deal of the cardigans is versatility. This is the kind of piece that accompanies us in those days that we don’t really understand the climate. Between Sun and rain or heat and freshness, the first option is to maintain the style and body temperature. For being squishy, the cardigans are ideal to fold easily, playing on top of the pocket or store, hit a hot case. The practicality not only wins the charm! Check out four style options to bet on that trend. (;

A harmonious proportion is trying to exercise similar lengths. So long cardigan paired with MIDI or long skirts are amazing. Already the longuete type cardigans look great with short dresses. No matter if one stand higher than the other, the cool thing is to form a beautiful frame on the look. Is our proportion sweetie!

The longuete size, we just talk up here, is that it’s not that long, not too short. Our tip for making a romantic production and lady like is to mark the waist using a belt over the cardigan. Niceties that make the difference!

The combination of more practical for cardigan from day to day is with pants according to ESTATELEARNING. We found many references and inspirations with minimalist and modern touch in our research. Strong trend between blogs and streetstyle! The look is interesting, warm and full of movement.

We spoke of similar proportions, right? Now we speak of extremes. Use a long cardigan and a short dress gives personality and “interessância” to look. You will be free, light and loose and in style. We also approve.