Changers Solar Charger Review

The multitude of mobile electrical devices we carry with us today or those we have at home is getting bigger and bigger. There is the mobile game console for the kids, the mobile phones or smartphones for each individual in the family, MP3 player, camera, perhaps still tablet computer and then still the ebook reader.

Each individual device consumes power, so it must always be recharged. Maybe even if there is no power outlet nearby. Practically so if you have a portable battery for all devices on the road and can recharge it with solar energy everywhere.

Changers-More Than A Solar Charger

There are many solar chargers on Phonecations, but the Changers is more than a charger. It has a community to share its saved CO2 emissions and to be able to compete with others. For the saved CO2 emissions, there are credits, which can be exchanged at the marketplace for discounts and vouchers for sustainable suppliers of different products.

In order to receive many of these credits you have to recharge the battery, called “Kalhuofummi”, and tosynchronize the usage on the PC or notebook with the user account. The battery can record the amount of electricity generated, the resulting CO2 reduction and the associated credits up to 42 days. This is a bit cumbersome, but with the credits waiting for rewards, which can be redeemed with different partners.

These partners in Changers Marketplace are all providers of sustainable products. The credits can usually be redeemed online.

Charge Mobile Devices With The Changers Charger

In the beginning, however, is the harvest of solar energy. The solar panel, called “Maroshi”, is connected to the battery. Here you have to pay attention that the plug is plugged in correctly, otherwise the battery is not charged. I put some battery and panel in the sun and wondered that was not loaded. As confirmation, one of the four LEDs on the battery flashes. The faster it flashes, the faster the battery is charged. This depends on the respective solar irradiation. In case of direct sunlight, the lithium-ion battery is charged in 4 hours.

By pressing the large button on the battery, the charging status is displayed for five seconds. The more of the four green LEDs light up, the further the battery is charged.

The battery, the central element, has three connections, one for the solar panel, one for the data and a USB plug for charging the mobile devices. The USB plug can be plugged in the wrong way, as usual, but it does not work anymore. In order to be able to load as many devices as possible, the Starter Kit contains 8 different adapters.

This makes the operation of the solar charger quite simple and opens up to the user quickly. If all the plugs are plugged in properly, there are also no difficulties. The operating instructions are simple and understandable.

In my test I have so far my smartphone, a compact camera and my tablet loaded. The smartphone I could load completely and there was still capacity left for another charge – as well as the camera. Theoretically, the battery can charge the Smartphone twice with 4.400 mAh (3.7 V). The tablet I could only charge as the battery of the solar charger was completely full, the capacity of the battery is however only for 42% of the battery capacity of the tablet. A mobile game console I could not load so far, perhaps the battery was not full enough. How far the battery for other devices is enough, I could not find.

My Conclusion In The Test Of The Changer Solar Charger

It is now fun and a lot of fun especially to charge the smartphone with solar energy. However, the solar panel, or the battery, can only cover a part of the charges – due to the intensive use – and so the battery does not charge in summer. In the course of the day you always have to align the solar panel with the sun, so that the battery is charged faster. Without direct sun is only slow or not at all charged.

The community and the marketplace was not yet a great incentive for me to use the solar charger.

Maybe it changes when I have enough contacts and enough credits that I can use in the marketplace.However, I also forget the battery, via notebook or PC, with my user account.Fortunately, the data in the battery is stored for 42 days. So the fun is sure to come.