Change of Course Android One?

Yesterday a very important news about Android leaked You can completely change the landscape of the operating system in the near future. The Spanish company bq is about to launch a terminal with Android One in Spain. At the moment there are only rumors but has painted it will confirm.

The reason for the importance of this news is that we take one step more in the capacity of have mobile affordable but updated in our hands. Increasingly there are more brands of terminals Android and normally the low range (including the media) does not receive much attention by manufacturers, the terminals are quickly outdated software.

The great danger we have seen this summer: security bugs can be very critical, especially when we use mobile phones for things such critical as access to our Bank, or (in a not-too-distant future) payments. With Android One handsets are outdated.

The initial goal of Android One: developing countries

When Google introduced Android One in May of last year he was very famous. The idea behind this program is that manufacturers are responsible for hardware and Google keep the updated operating system. Was like having a Nexus only that with the manufacturers themselves the distribution.

The aim of Google were emerging countries, since with Android One manufacturers could focus on the hardware and lower costs. When terminals Android One confirmed that they were for emerging countries, and over time they have appeared new manufacturers but always in developing countries such as India, Indonesia, Philippines, some countries of South Asia and the closer Turkey case.

Bq is a very important company in Spain. After Samsung it is sells more terminals

However the idea is good also for developed countries. We cannot deny that there is a very strong competition in terminals of middle and low range in some developed countries, such as Spain. And the pace of updates of these terminals is rather poor. The high end remains in the same prices a few years ago but now we find very pointers terminals at prices of mid-range and terminals with specifications of mid-range to low-end prices. The borders are now very diffuse and this is because There is much pressure on prices.

Spain is a peculiar country. We have a penetration of smart phones very high, the highest in the European Union. We are, moreover, a developed country (jokes about that Android One comes to Spain because we are a developing country is that, a joke, our per capita GDP is ten times that of the India and only 25% lower than that of Germany). But we live a very major crisis that makes the middle and low range to prevail much.

Google can not afford that most of its users remain in older versions of Android in a country with so much market share of Android. First because of the security problems that could affect the image of the platform. And secondly because fail news time to users and any of these developments could be linked to the company’s revenues. And here is where bq.

Spain, the gateway of Android One to the developed world

Bq is a very important company in Spain. After Samsung it is that more terminals sold (with many less means than the Korean giant) after Samsung and Huawei is sells more terminals (with many fewer media) and is a company that can adapt very well to the market (it has made several changes in its line of business and it has made them at the right time, from being a company selling books now mobile and electronic tablets). And, although it is trying to expand, its sales are concentrated in Spain. It is the perfect companion for Google experience.

If the experiment works all win. First, Google manages to be more terminals Android in Spain to date with software. Bq is removed over a problem, keep updated terminals. And bq users, who just had Android customizations, receive a better experience for the more frequent updates and possibly lower price.

If this works well in a developed country it may finally see big brands approach this program for those terminals that launches and then does not care. I believe that all users would win.