Catrice Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette – AMU And Swatches

In this review, you ‘ll find the  Catrice Absolute Rose Palette Review, Swatches and Aunge Makeup. Because the new products for the product range spring/summer 2015 are slowly enteringthe Catrice counters. So high time that I share with you my experience with the products, which I already at the beginning of January at the Catrice Event in Munich were allowed to get to know.

After I’ve already introduced you to the Luxury Vintage Nail Polishes, today is a review of the new Catrice Absolute Rose Eyeshadow palette. My expectations were admittedly not particularly high, but I was positively surprised.

Catrice Absolute Rose Range: Facts & Figures:

6 Nude- and Rosetöne, partly matt and partly shimmering 
Price / content: 4.99 € for 6g 
Reference source: In each Catrice counter (also with FLORALAMAKEUP.COM)

Catrice has certainly jumped on the Urban Decay hype with this palette and has inspired the Naked 3 range. But it is not a dupe. The palette contains a total of six nude and rose tones, including a matte color, a pretty taupe tone (second color from the right). The rest shimmers and glitters, albeit in part quite discreetly.

Catrice Rose Palette: Review

My expectations about pigmentation were very low. Because I had ever seen one of the Catrice Absolute pallets at the counter, which had barely given color. Therefore, I was very surprised that the colors even without base look quite good. On the eye I would still always wear a base, already alone so that the durability and intensity improved.

The brightest eyeshadow is also barely visible with a base, but is good for blinding. The three shimmering, medium colors in the middle differ hardly in the eye. Here one could have put on something more variety. Altogether, it always looks quite similar in the eye, and only the two dark tones on the right side of the eye bring some variation into eye make-up. Only the darkest color crumbles slightly when applying, but the fallout is limited.

Catrice Absolute Rose Palette: Tutorial And AMU

I had made two different AMUs with the Catrice Absolute Rose palette for the photos, on which one then ultimately hardly sees a difference. Above all, the lighter tones are very similar to the eyes, so basically Catrice could have made an eyeshadow quattro out of it.

For my eye make-up I have tried some new products from the Catrice range. Among other things, the Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base, which I like quite well. The application with the applicator is very handy and in comparison to the Rival de Loop Young Eyeshadow Base I could not tell any difference. As a make-up, I’ve used the new 12h Matt Mousse make up 010 “Soft Ivory”, which has my skin slips pretty unsightly. You can see it on the eye-photos below.

Products Used

Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base

Allround Coverstick 010 “Nude” as a concealer under the eye

Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette

Made To Stay Inside Eyes Khol Kajal 010 “Come Black And Stay”

Velvet Matt Smokey Eyes Pencil 010 “Please, Mauve Black”

Jet Lash Speed ​​Volume Mascara Volume & Curl

My Conclusion: Catrice Absolute Rose Palette – Top Or Flop?

I had not expected too much from the Catrice Absolute Rose range. So it was easy to surprise me positively Because the  colors please me as a whole very good and qualitatively they are absolutely okay, if not mega outstanding. So for someone with a large eyeshadow collection certainly not a must-have. For all other women, the Catrice Absolute Rose eyeshadow palette is a nice basic for a natural everyday look for cheap 5 euros. Even makeup beginners will certainly be satisfied with the range, since you can not do much wrong.

With the dark color you can make a slightly more conspicuous evening make-up. However, you should not blind too much, otherwise you have in the end only a color mixing machine on the eye and can not recognize the different colors.

I am satisfied with the range and I am glad to use it. I probably would not have bought it, because I simply already have a large eyeshadow collection. But for  travel I find it quite handy, because I reluctantly take my large Naked pallet.