This Summer, Cropped Replaces the Bikini Bra on the Beach

Top Guarantees Visual Fashionista In The Sands And Programs That Come After

Rio – The top cropped, which had already conquered the streets, now invades a new territory: the beaches. This summer, the model is bet by stylists to replace the bikini bra and create a modern and sporty look on the sands. Continue reading “This Summer, Cropped Replaces the Bikini Bra on the Beach”

8 Tips to Choose the Beauty Salon on Bridal Day!

The wedding is an unforgettable date. A magical day that will always remain in the memory of the bride and groom, family and friends. Everything must be perfect. Every detail deserves to be cared for in order to make the occasion special. Decoration, buffet, souvenirs, music. Continue reading “8 Tips to Choose the Beauty Salon on Bridal Day!”

11 Stylish looks with Fabric Pants

For a long time they were regarded as somewhat petty. It is a question of fabric pants of all kinds. Whether it is wide and high cut as a palazzo or with a waistband and crease.  However, the casual business trend, which characterizes the street style looks, proves that it is also different. Whether during the day at work or going out-the fabric pants have combined with sneakers and sweaters, great favorite potential. It is-in contrast to all prejudices-manifoldly applicable and looks really super modern. See for yourself in our photo gallery with eleven looks to fall in love: Continue reading “11 Stylish looks with Fabric Pants”

Plus Size Blue Dress Christina Hendricks – XL Dress

Check Out Beautiful Plus Size Blue Dress Options Of Christina Hendricks And Storm In The Club!

Christina Hendricks is an American actress, known internationally for your character in Mad Men, a series of TV. Its beauty is indisputable, being voted by readers of Esquire magazine as the sexiest woman in the world in 2010. Christina Hendricks does not fit in the inhuman standards of thinness of Hollywood. So she and your beautiful blue dress are the inspiration for today’s post. Continue reading “Plus Size Blue Dress Christina Hendricks – XL Dress”

Skirts for All

“This summer the dress and the skirt are extremely important,” says BRIGITTE fashion editor Melanie Grefer.
The expert explains what lengths and shapes are required, which shoes fit and how strong legs or calves look best. Continue reading “Skirts for All”

How to Use Women’s Blazer

Today we’ll talk about how to use the women’s blazer.

Fashion has always been somehow related to standards and social changes of our civilization sometimes accompanying these changes others being responsible for them, translating the needs of people in new designs and styles. Something that is pertinent here is the incorporation of typically masculine feminine fashion pieces. An example of this appropriation is the women’s blazer, which was a play derived from the jacket. Continue reading “How to Use Women’s Blazer”

Favorite Jeans

Lucia, 24, editor

When I was wearing my Acne jeans recently, a friend asked me horrified: ‘So this is an Acne jeans that all girls and magazines are swarming about, quite unspectacular, but she makes a hot butt. ‘ Well-recognized dear friend, for this reason she is mine-and the favorite jeans of a thousand other girls: she does not need a rhinestones to attract attention, adapts to every outfit and simply conjures up such a good figure.” Continue reading “Favorite Jeans”

Autumn / Winter Collection Plus Size Lingeries

The Divas Plus Autumn / Winter lingerie collection has come with everything for you to stay fashionable with the latest trends of this season. Hold on, for this winter will be hot! Continue reading “Autumn / Winter Collection Plus Size Lingeries”