Omega House Rio

All of my blog posts contain my personal comments, reviews and opinions: unthinkingly to accept press releases is not really my thing (enough for other sites and blogs, which is partially not even make the effort to adapt the grammar and even plump “we” in the press release of the watch manufacturer assume that do that).

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Watches by Dust Furniture with Revolutionary Curves

A few months ago I wrote some very revolutionary, daring and original furniture that left me shocked.We are sure that many might remember the Dust Furniture furniture. Its curves, undulating shapes and colours live are difficult to forget. Continue reading “Watches by Dust Furniture with Revolutionary Curves”

History of Aviator Watches

When I was little, my grandmother always wanted that I become a pilot. Why is that? The Berlin historianTilmann Siebeneichner says to:

“Pilots are historically hero figures-and absolute confidence people. Aviation works so that it is his life in the hands of pilots in confidence, that he will sure bring a to the destination and has the technology for this absolutely under control.”

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Clock Centering 2016-You Can Wear It

If I was a little late with the end of the last two years, this is different in 2016. This time, I present to you in March, hip clock trends for the man of the world in 2016. Because as you probably already learned from reading from, wrist watches are more for me than a way to read the time. I see this as a necessary essential for a successful outfit.

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Ambiq Micro boasts of hyper-efficient chips for smart watches

A US chip maker called Ambiq Micro has been working on consumer chips for five years and can be integrated into devices that are now becoming very fashionable-wearables and, in particular, smart clocks. Continue reading “Ambiq Micro boasts of hyper-efficient chips for smart watches”

Answer Iphone Calls On An Android Wear? Yes, It Is Possible

We recently realized that it was possible to connect an Android Wear smart watch to a non-Android device, where a programmer, Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh, was able to get notifications received on his iPhone transmitted to his Android smartphone clock, which in this case It was a Moto 360.

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Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Multi Sports Watch in the Test

Garmin earlier this year has unveiled the third generation of the GPS multi-function Sports Watch fenix , was clear to me at first sight, that once again a great success has a navigation specialist. The fenix 3 approaching it very close for me, after the technical properties and features, the goose. Unfortunately, probably also a lot of other athletes of this opinion were so it was extremely difficult to market launch, let alone before it, to come watch a copy of the new Garmin . On trade, nor about Garmin itself. Mid-April the Sapphire has arrived finally one Edition with me. Continue reading “Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Multi Sports Watch in the Test”

Runner 3 Is The New GPS Watch From Tomtom In Brazil

TomTom launches Tuesday (7) the Runner 3, new watch with GPS facing corridors. Costing from $ 999, it will be sold in the Brazilian market in five versions, which can bring heart rate reader on the wrist and up to 3 GB of internal storage for music. Continue reading “Runner 3 Is The New GPS Watch From Tomtom In Brazil”