Boxer Briefs and Thongs

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Aboard a theme that it is more of curiosity than preference. Polls indicate that this underwear model is a favorite among men and women. But you know how it came about?

Men’s underwear was already used by the Egyptians for 7000 years. In the 30 she won new designs, which replaced the traditional shorts.

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Why Buy Underwear Online

Online stores came to revolutionize the market, in addition to providing more convenience and comfort to customers, that with a few clicks they can buy what they want and receive the products in your own home. If you’re still not convinced, here are 5 reasons why you must buy underwear online is a big plus for you! Continue reading “Why Buy Underwear Online”

Lingerie Tips for Surprise on Mother’s Day!

Every woman loves a good lingerie, no matter what stage of life it is! With mother’s day approaching, the lingeries are a great gift option. After all, there are options for all tastes and pockets. Continue reading “Lingerie Tips for Surprise on Mother’s Day!”

The Trend Without Bra Bulge

Nothing like show what we’ve got to stay comfortable and natural still wipe out with delicacy and style. The BRA without bulge, darling of the lingeries years ago, returned with everything in recent times as a cool lingerie, romantic and powerful. Continue reading “The Trend Without Bra Bulge”

Autumn / Winter Collection Plus Size Lingeries

The Divas Plus Autumn / Winter lingerie collection has come with everything for you to stay fashionable with the latest trends of this season. Hold on, for this winter will be hot! Continue reading “Autumn / Winter Collection Plus Size Lingeries”

Brassieres on Display

Looks with apparent Lingerie are high: in Rock in Rio the famous showed their Bras, they want to see?

Who loves lingerie is happy with the new wave of the moment: can leave your underwear on display! If before all were anxious to hide straps and lace details can now forget that fear. Bras, handles the Strappy Bra. Body of income, all of this is to appear and the looks of the famous won’t let us lie! Continue reading “Brassieres on Display”

7 Tips on How to Choose a Nursing Bra

We’ve listed 7 quick tips on how to choose the nursing bra:

1-maternity Bras

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Tips of Male Underwear: Boxers

Learn with Producer Sets What Kind of Underwear and Pajamas Best Suited

The man who thinks he can put that shirt ripped and the short old bedtime still lives in the caves. As well as women, who generally have a real outfit, the boys also need to cull pajamas and underwear charming and comfortable. After leaving the streets and hear what the big guys are using in home, fashion producer Jose Camarano taught how to choose the correct underwear. Note the tips: Continue reading “Tips of Male Underwear: Boxers”

Types Of Children’s Pajamas For All Seasons

The clothing that every child likes and the parents make sure they have and always use. So is the children’s pajamas. Comfortable, fun, full of colors and pets, they make your children’s bedtime more enjoyable on hot or cold days. Rakuten Shopping now presents some pajama tips for boys and girls to wear any season and sleep happily. Continue reading “Types Of Children’s Pajamas For All Seasons”

Lingerie Appearing: What Everyone Sees Also Rocks

What everyone sees also makes success on the streets. The sets of lingerie showing strong for a long time, since emerged on the catwalks at fashion shows of Prada, Alberta Ferreti, Dries Von Noten and j. w. Anderson in 2014 to win the head of many women bolder. The tops and bras started the trend and today it is possible to view the strappy bras, corsets and slip dress over a variety of clothing styles. Continue reading “Lingerie Appearing: What Everyone Sees Also Rocks”