Super Paquito, The Imaginarium Children’s Tablet

The Spanish firm Imaginarium has opted for the name of Super Paquito for this light and durable tablet designed for the little ones, which includes some functionalities of computers and smartphones and that allows the download of specific applications. Continue reading “Super Paquito, The Imaginarium Children’s Tablet”

How to Protect Your Images on the Internet

It is very difficult to protect the work when it is a work that is exposed on the net today. Photographers, designers, and anyone who show their work on the internet it is possible that at some point is concerned about their rights. Normal, especially knowing that with right click, “Save as”, you can save a copy on your computer of any image that you see on the Web and use it later. Continue reading “How to Protect Your Images on the Internet”

Seiun Player Pro and Pro X Android Based Portable Music and Video Players

From Indiegogo come two portable media very interesting: Let’s talk about Seiun Pro and Seiun Pro X, both made on the same basis, the Android operating system (something like, generally, than the latest version). The hardware is very similar: to manage all transactions is a64-bit processor octa-core with 32 GB RAM and 2 GB (Seiun Pro) or 64GB (Seiun Pro X) flash memory, expandable via SD Card.

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Conichi: No Waiting at the Hotel Check-in

Late or early beer or wine? Doormen and bartenders know the preferences of the regulars in their hotels. Who checks in with the app Conichi, should be treated now so obliging, as if a personal Butler welcomes him. The name of the start-ups is the Japanese word for Hello (Konnichiwa) ajar. The app automatically handles not only the check-in, she meets also special requests such as a late check-out and extra pillows.

33 cool startups from Germany

The best ideas from Germany Continue reading “Conichi: No Waiting at the Hotel Check-in”

WIKO Tried U Feel and U Feel Lite: Come on the Finger

News from France: WIKO presented at the Mobile World Congress (February 22-25) with its U feel and technically slightly trimmed-down U feel Lite a new smartphone series. A quad-core processor with 1.3 ghz drives the faster U feel. Whether Qualcomm hardware or mediatek-power to the manufacturer the French mention officially yet. They don’t have to but! The processor brings certainly no trophies in the speed competition, but tackle the normal applications without any problems. Assume 3 gigabyte memory at the the multitasking tasks. Continue reading “WIKO Tried U Feel and U Feel Lite: Come on the Finger”

Huawei Mediapad M2 10.0: Tablet for Sound Lovers in the Final Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

Huawei sends a pretty as noble model in the race for the best tablet with the mediapad M2 10.0. Like the great display, the pace of work is high and the equipment is complete with the exception of NFC. Also good: The battery lasted the test eleven hours and 25 minutes. In total, a few points were missing to join Apple’s ipad air 2 from the throne. Best price on the Internet: 279.00 euro * per order this product at Amazon good image quality high pace of work long battery life memory expandable pen and cover in the package (premium version) Wi-Fi-ac, LTE (premium version) is missing against high price (premium version) NFC Testrating editorial 2.46 well user rating now to review the sales of Apple’s ipads are in the Christmas quarter 2015 implodes: sales decreased compared to the previous year by 21 percent to 7,084 million copies. Why? A customers opted rather for a larger Smartphone like the iphone 6S plus, on the other hand, the competition never sleeps. ASUS, Samsung and Sony have equivalent tablets at generally much more favorable terms on offer. Now Huawei. The Chinese put a model on the market, which will compete with the ipad air 2 with the mediapad M2 10.0. How is the Android 5.1 tablet equipped? And how is the device in everyday life? Our site has extensively tested the mediapad M2. Continue reading “Huawei Mediapad M2 10.0: Tablet for Sound Lovers in the Final Test”

Business Phablet HP Elite X 3 Unveiled

According to the rumors, the facts are: the MWC, the Phablet provides HP elite x 3. Already, many details about the mix of Smartphone and tablet with Windows were surfaced 10 mobile as the operating system.

MWC News: the top smartphones 2017

51 mobile phones The main new equipment

Four times HD resolution

Therefore has the elite x 3 over a 6-inch display with Quad HD resolution (2.560 x 1.440 pixels). The device is powered by a Snapdragon 820 with four cores. 4 gigabytes of memory to the page are this, offers 64 GB of internal memory and can be expanded via microsd card for up to 2 terabytes. The battery is with 4,150 mah lush measure for comparison: the new Samsung Galaxy S7 with 3,000 mah comes out. Also the Schnelladefunktion is Qualcomm quick batch 3.0 installed. Continue reading “Business Phablet HP Elite X 3 Unveiled”