How to Wear a V Neck Pullover

The V-neck sweater is a fashionable top and nowadays. Only, it must be worn appropriately, what helps you to make melty Style.

After you have expressed our selection of coats to wear this winter, we look today at a high fashionable, we see more and more, the sweater V.

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Male Cardigan Models Fashion 2014

The fashion 2014 in addition to bringing many news for women also comes with many trends for the male audience who is becoming more vain and paying more attention to what to wear, one piece that promises to mark the look of men is the men’s cardigan. Continue reading “Male Cardigan Models Fashion 2014”

How To Look Stylish Wearing The Cardigan Men

What is the first image that comes to your head when you think of a cardigan. Wait, wait. First of all, let me ask you something else: you know exactly what is a cardigan? It is basically a sweater with front buttons. Continue reading “How To Look Stylish Wearing The Cardigan Men”

Different Type of Sweaters for Women

Each with specific patterns and reminiscent of favorite places. Now at the start of autumn can choose bright or neutral tones to enhance and so the dying golden tan from the sun and boldly to update your wardrobe with prints of typical exotic mesta.Ako you are headed to ethnic style, it will have nothing to enjoy even in late summer because it occurs not only plenty of types of clothing, but also colors, forms and more.

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Recycle Your Old Sweaters

With winter gear cabinet you have been found to have many things you no longer use? Do not throw them and follow our guidelines to recycle creatively old sweaters giving them a new life!

Who said that a sweater should remain just that? Setting in motion the imagination and giving vent to your creativity you can recycle in a creative way all those clothing items that are now gone out of fashion or you do not like anymore.

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Diamond Pattern Sweater


Fashion is constantly changing, yet it is always the same. Apiece of clothing that never goes out of style is certainly the sweater. There are now on the market many types, shapes, colors and materials. One of the most common sweaters and used is undoubtedly a diamond pattern. Usually they are made of wool or yarn still hot and fit the wardrobe both male and female. However it is not always easy to be able to combine this head in the right way. In this guide, then we will see how.

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How to Wear an Oversized Sweater

The oversize sweater is one of the coolest of the cool months chiefs.Wear it with style without sacrificing its comfort and softness.

The oversized sweater, plain or fancy, is among the leaders must haves for fall/winter 2016-2017. It looks like a comfortable sweater and warm and is suitable for any type of look, from the most casual to the more professional and formal. Often, however, wearing an oversized sweater, it can happen not to feel at ease.

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