5 Ways to Update Your Look Using Cardigan and Sweater

The lighter pieces, such as sweater and cardigan, are great choices for use in those days when the breeze is a little cooler, but that’s not enough to make a very strong cold. The good is that they are light and sweaters that can be used day and night, and carried out easily in the bag. Continue reading “5 Ways to Update Your Look Using Cardigan and Sweater”

Nail Textured Sweater, How Do

Learn all about the nails with sweater texture, how to do. This new beauty trend is gaining the preference of women of all ages. The decoration is inspired in a handmade piece and guarantees a surprising result. Continue reading “Nail Textured Sweater, How Do”

Prince George Sweater

After new photos released by the royal family, clothes worn by the baby of 16 months is played on auction site

The “Prince George Effect” is back.A day after the British royal family released new pictures of the 16-month-old baby, the sweater he was wearing has already been identified and appears on the eBay auction site for double the price.

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How to Wear a V Neck Pullover

The V-neck sweater is a fashionable top and nowadays. Only, it must be worn appropriately, what helps you to make melty Style.

After you have expressed our selection of coats to wear this winter, we look today at a high fashionable, we see more and more, the sweater V.

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Male Cardigan Models Fashion 2014

The fashion 2014 in addition to bringing many news for women also comes with many trends for the male audience who is becoming more vain and paying more attention to what to wear, one piece that promises to mark the look of men is the men’s cardigan. Continue reading “Male Cardigan Models Fashion 2014”

How To Look Stylish Wearing The Cardigan Men

What is the first image that comes to your head when you think of a cardigan. Wait, wait. First of all, let me ask you something else: you know exactly what is a cardigan? It is basically a sweater with front buttons. Continue reading “How To Look Stylish Wearing The Cardigan Men”