How to Wear Dungarees 2016

Many still probably know from childhood and since last year it is celebrating its fashion comeback. The talk is called by the overalls, also dungaree. After she was middle of the 19th century mainly worn as work pants or coveralls and had established itself over time as a classic children’s pants, the fashion world is celebrating thedungarees now in all its facets.

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20 Rules of Style to Dress Suit that Every Man Should Know

If you are new to that of wearing a suit, or, conversely, use it regularly but want to make sure you’re doing things right, you need to have a look at this list to enhance your image and avoid the most common sin to wear a suit.

Is there anything better than a man in a suit? Women know not. A well thought out and planned attracts suit immediately. It’s Science! So take note.

1. Whenever you feel the buttons unzips the bag; ALWAYS!

2. For a light suit wearing a dark handkerchief; It will be a visual anchor

3. Never combine a sports watch and suit

4. The sleeves should be exposed half inch

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