2XU Compression Socks Benefits

From being something that people associate with compression stockings, compression clothing has in recent years become very popular, and many athletes of various kinds use it daily for training and recovery. More and more exercise riders have their eyes on the compression clothing and its function, so much so that some of the compression garment from 2XU is among the bestsellers in XXL. Tighter than usual workout clothes The immediate difference on a regular workout tights or sweater and a compression garment, is that the compression garment feels tighter on, and it feels that the press more against the body. With the help of graduated compression, in which different parts of the garment have different degrees of compression, increases blood circulation and muscles get faster delivery of oxygen, which provide beneficial effects in training and competition situations . Independent research, conducted in 2010 by the Australian Institute of Sport, shows that 2XU compression garments have very positive effect on the muscles, especially during prolonged activity. The benefits of compression include improved performance, less stiffness in muscles, less swelling in the muscles, lower heart rate during activity and better resilience of training texts.

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Overknee Socks and Knee-High Socks Combine Perfectly

Summer is already over and the rainy season is slowly leading us into the cold season. Just during the transition, clothing pieces can be combined with one another for the season. A fad or a trend which appears again and is soon gone are, Stoching and knee-high socks combined with short pants or skirt and pulled confidently.

Overknee socks and knee-high socks combine perfectly

2015 was particularly popular amongst the extravagant or athletic people who wear socks with sandals. The trend was accepted in the opposite direction and worn out of the stage and catwalk only by fashionistas. Characteristic for this are Glitzersocken or those with striking motifs of fine material in high heels or sandalette. Stylish is the refined tone-in-tone combination with strappy sandals – socks or overknee stockings in the same color as the shoe. Continue reading “Overknee Socks and Knee-High Socks Combine Perfectly”

How to Wear Fishnet Stocking

Socks network enjoyed great popularity among contemporary fashion. The most sought after today are considered to be black and red socks on the network. Such colors most clearly separate the structure of farming and also combine well with the clothes of many of the commonly used styles. Also, the patterns differ from one another with a mesh size. This choice remains the only lady fashion socks because the value of holes in socks is not reflected in the way of anything except personal desires.

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Football Stockings for Men

Football equipment is becoming smarter and better. The football knee high is a good example, which is easy to pull on and provides equally good compression and heat around the calf. It is smart on the football field. The knee highs for football, races or other physical activity are a good alternative to the well-known soccer socks. If you bothered by getting the sock in football boots, or you just would like to save a little time, the football knee high is a good choice for you. You do not need to compromise on appearance. Among the many different knee highs for football you can find various colors and brands, like the ones you usually play in. They are easy and practical to deal with. There is therefore no reason not to check out our football knee highs.

Football knee high – a great alternative!
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