Basic Orange Pro: 0 Cents Per Minute from 8 to 20

It seems that 8 to 20 h of Movistar Professional Plan is being very well received by their customers so Orange not been slow to react and now launches a similar option with the contract Basic Pro for freelancers and companies. Continue reading “Basic Orange Pro: 0 Cents Per Minute from 8 to 20”

Prices Nokia Lumia 735 with Vodafone

After the arrival of the Nokia Lumia 830, Vodafone now also incorporates the new Nokia Lumia 735 to the catalogue of smartphones of the operator in October which is accompanied by a widespread drop in prices in the rest of the mobile operator to attract new customers while that remain unchanged in loyalty. Continue reading “Prices Nokia Lumia 735 with Vodafone”

LG Brings Smartphone With Flexible Display In The Fourth Quarter

For months or even years has been talked about the flexible displays, which Samsung is currently developing. To date, no device has appeared and the neighbors from South Korea LG could possibly be taken to Samsung now. They have now talked openly about their plans for the fourth quarter. And so it should already be at the end of the year so far that LG a flexible smartphone or at least a smartphone with a flexible display to the start. Continue reading “LG Brings Smartphone With Flexible Display In The Fourth Quarter”

Iphone 7 How Good Is It Really?

Even if one can distinguish the iPhone 7 duo almost indistinguishable from its predecessors, the devices are not boring evolutions. shows what’s new, what’s missing and who is worth a purchase.

After in San Francisco first impression of iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus win could, had opportunity to test the new devices in detail now. There were no big surprises here, but a few pronounced AHA. Continue reading “Iphone 7 How Good Is It Really?”

Trout with Artificial Rubber Or Rapalas Fishing…

Fish for trout in the lagoons, lakes, rivers or any fresh water reservoir, is without a doubt one of the greatest passions we have the river shore fishermen. But more importantly for trout fishing is precisely the attachment you choose order to capture them, since they are extremely intelligent fish and are not easy to deceive. In today’s brief article I will talk about which would be the most effective bait for trout fishing more easily. Continue reading “Trout with Artificial Rubber Or Rapalas Fishing…”

Possible Dates of Emergence of Future Devices 10 BlackBerry

The source of the news makes it clear. Possible dates of emergence of devices that RIM will put into circulation during the upcoming 2013 have been compiled from various sources, but without tangible evidence that these are the final. However, it is not more take a look at what those of Waterloo will put on the table in coming months. Continue reading “Possible Dates of Emergence of Future Devices 10 BlackBerry”

Gestures and Menus Within Applications 10 BlackBerry

They keep coming contacts with BlackBerry 10 that let us see the benefits of the new operating system of RIM. On this occasion, in addition to teach us operation in the main interface, we also see it within an application.

We already know that move between open applications, go to the application launcher, return to the main screen, or check the notifications is simple and fully gestural, which happens to put us in a particular application. Let’s see it with BBM: Continue reading “Gestures and Menus Within Applications 10 BlackBerry”

RIM Removed The Tablet BlackBerry PlayBook

UPDATE: At last RIM has made an official statement with regard to this matter and what has happened to be reproduced literally. It seems that not everything is what it seems. Although we will have to wait and see how this breakdown of stocks is reflected in the next fiscal quarter results. Continue reading “RIM Removed The Tablet BlackBerry PlayBook”

“Feisbuk”, “Tweet”, “Guasap” and Now… BBM. Lexicography and Technology Go Hand in Hand for Greater Glory of RIM

The inclusion of BBM in the Collins English dictionary recognizes his status as one of the most popular mobile social networks in the world. In recent years, the term “BBM” has transcended its technological origins to become a brand that is part of the language of the everyday life of millions of people around the world… We are honored that a word that is used daily by millions of our customers has been officially recognized by the English language. Continue reading ““Feisbuk”, “Tweet”, “Guasap” and Now… BBM. Lexicography and Technology Go Hand in Hand for Greater Glory of RIM”

BlackBerry Aristo and BlackBerry Lagoon, Two New Beasts with 10 BlackBerry That Teach The Duckling

RIM He heads a firm towards their last attempt to maintain as devices manufacturer, after the resounding thud which is suffering every day due to its current competition. This attempt is called BlackBerry 10.

As we know, BlackBerry 10 will mean the arrival of a new range of very unusual terminals inside what offers us RIM usually, some terminals that are beginning to filter from now on the network. Today we will know the possible BlackBerry Aristo and BlackBerry lagoon. Continue reading “BlackBerry Aristo and BlackBerry Lagoon, Two New Beasts with 10 BlackBerry That Teach The Duckling”