Over the Knee Boots

In the last article I talked about the Boot short barrel, today the tip will be how to use the boots over the knee, they returned with everything and are prone to this winter, so stay alert. Well, over the knee means above the knee, soon is the barrel goes up to just above the knee.

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Monk Strap, the Shoe of the Time!

Talk, guys, good afternoon.
The English designation Monkstrap shoe (Monk sandals) is due to the fact that the buckles of these shoes make a resemblance to the sandals of the monks. It is precisely the buckle in fact quite practical that makes this kind of shoe have as many friends as enemies.

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Women’s White Tennis Shoes, Beautiful and Necessary

Walking well shoes is everyone’s wish, but to enhance the style the women’s white sneaker is the ideal shoe color that a lot of people enjoy, and so it can be found in varied models especially to please the female audience that is even more demanding. Continue reading “Women’s White Tennis Shoes, Beautiful and Necessary”

Nike Women’s Tennis Shoes with Always Quality

With so many changes happening in fashion, women’s Nike colored sneakers is no longer a novelty, because the youth of our days excels by the beauty differentiated, and something that in the past could be considered grimace, today is well accepted by the dictates of modern fashion. Continue reading “Nike Women’s Tennis Shoes with Always Quality”

Shoes and Clothing Can Carry Bacteria

Whenever I visit friends in hospitals I see posters encouraging hand washing. Why is this so important? Objects like shoes, for example, can also carry bacteria?

The largest source of bacterial contamination is the so-called cross-infection, which is that transmitted from the health and visitor’s professional to the patient, and from one patient to the other. Continue reading “Shoes and Clothing Can Carry Bacteria”

Ipanema Sandals Prices

The  Ipanema sandals  gather all the comfort and quality in a single product, and this summer sandals will stand out for its floral effects that were inspired by flower gardens, giving you more femininity, delicacy and movement, are composed of three different the pitfalls models Sandals and clogs.

Ipanema Flora is a line of women’s shoes inspired by flowers and the same takes the flowers to your feet, giving more delicacy and style. This collection has three different styles that are the clogs the sandals and the sandals. Continue reading “Ipanema Sandals Prices”

A Tennis and Ten Days of Travel

Who accompanied my journey to New York by @mourajo or by Snapchat Instagram noticed something in common during the 9 days that we stayed there. An element that remained steady and strong in all the looks that I used and posted: a pair of white sneakers. Continue reading “A Tennis and Ten Days of Travel”

The Work Boots-More Than Just A Working Shoe

Already knew? From 15,000 to 13,000 BC For instance, boot-like protective clothing for legs and feet was a compulsory part of the best solution for hazardous or hard work, if not the only one. At least on the wall paintings in the Altamira Cave, Spain, one can still look quite authentically the pioneers of protective boots on the legs of hunters. Also, quite soon, they drew above all the soldiers from more and more to the recreation entrance, for hikers, climbers and even hunters from the year.

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Boots And Sailing Shoes Off The Road

It is not only about optics and compliance with dress codes. Boots and sneakers have mainly functional requirements. Depending on the circumstances, the practicable properties can even be life-preserving details. In the normal case, of course, only the comfort is affected and smaller safety aspects are followed with professional shoes-but at least.

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