Shirts Printed with Flowers for Men

Shirts printed with male flowers: spring will until 21 December here in Brazil. And coincidentally (or not) the shirts printed with flowers are already on the streets. Yes, flowery shirts fashion for men is in the streets, and not just the big cities. The tendency of shirts stamped with flowers was already scheduled for 2016. See this article I wrote about the subject. Continue reading “Shirts Printed with Flowers for Men”

Lace Blouse: From Classic To Modern

Extremely feminine and classical, the rent is a fabric that there are many seasons has shown versatility in your entire productions each more irreverent and democratic.
Although the fabric select presence in various kinds of parts, is in lace blouse that the fashionistas on duty has wagered to compose looks delicate and modern. Look at these inspirations: Continue reading “Lace Blouse: From Classic To Modern”

Ballad Outfits For Various Man Styles

It does not matter what type of ballad you like to go: sertanejo, rock or electronic. We’ve separated some suggestions of combinations that will fit into various situations and we’ll also share some tips for you to create your own comfortable yet stylish full of style to enjoy the ballad. Continue reading “Ballad Outfits For Various Man Styles”

Ten Tips To Seduce With Clothing

Sex wearing sexy clothes can be a lot more interesting than it looks. Transparencies, slits, tight pieces, tight shirts and jeans… any piece can be an element of seduction. The way you dress- and also how you dress – says a lot about how you look and what you look for. So explore your sensuality and let your partner go crazy. Try following the tips below to light up the passion! Continue reading “Ten Tips To Seduce With Clothing”

Western Retro Universe Looks to the Honky-tonk Party

On day 30 of July, last Saturday of the month, happens the Honky-tonk Party, the country Party of the universe 1 Retro commemorating the year of the site and the launch of the collection “Pin-Ups”, in partnership with Illustrator Aline Lacroc. In addition to the confirmed attractions – the bands The Hicks, Ton White and Rooster of The Rising Sun, the DJ Wagnão DJing on vinyl and the presentation of burlesque western of Aurora D’vine -there will be the Best Vintage Western during the party at the Rockerama Club in São Paulo. Continue reading “Western Retro Universe Looks to the Honky-tonk Party”

Two Buttons Make The Button-Down Shirt Special

What exactly is a “button-down shirt”, what does it express, what should one wear it? It is characterized by a certain type of shirt collar. Namely, by such a one, which is not reinforced, for example by so-called “collar bars”. In order not to risk uncontrolled protruding or in-itself collapse, both sides are fixed to the breast part with buttons.

Continue reading “Two Buttons Make The Button-Down Shirt Special”

NEW: Jeans Jacket With Hood And Sweatshirt

Hi girls! Do you know the denim hoodies? They are denim jackets with sleeves and hooded sweatpants. In addition to beautiful and super charming, they are super practical pieces just like the jeans jackets.
Their advantage is that they can be used in mid-season weather when the temperature is cooler. You can combine them with a shorts sweater, little dresses and skirts. They combine with more romantic or sporting looks. Super versatile for you to give a special touch to your production.

On colder days you can also bet on these jackets! Combine them with jeans, leggings, super-stylish jogger pants, little dresses with pantyhose and boots, etc. You can use your imagination and make looks super cool!

This winter the badcat is FULL of news for you, and one of them is the jacket with hood and sweatshirt hood! Available in two models they have a super cool detail: you choose whether to wear it with or without hood! That’s right, the hood is removable! Come and meet:

Do you like it? Then race to your favorite badcat and make sure of yours! And keep an eye on the blog and the Facebook page to stay on top of the many new things to come.

Shirt: Story Of A Great Classic. From White To Tartan, The Style Of A Must Have

One head, endless style interpretations. As often happens in life, even in fashion there are some pieces that are taken for granted. Are those basic from which we can compose any kind of look. We are so used to seeing them in our wardrobe that do not appreciate until the value at the bottom. An example? The shirt, which has its roots in centuries and centuries of fashion and generations and different looks.

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Anything But Dull, The Check Shirt

The character of this garment is peculiar and its expressions are actually different from other men’s shirts. But what is behind it? Is our knowledge of the expressiveness of the check shirt sufficient to know how the viewer understands it? Do we associate ourselves with something else other than the colleague, neighbor or beloved connoisseur?

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