NEW: Jeans Jacket With Hood And Sweatshirt

Hi girls! Do you know the denim hoodies? They are denim jackets with sleeves and hooded sweatpants. In addition to beautiful and super charming, they are super practical pieces just like the jeans jackets.
Their advantage is that they can be used in mid-season weather when the temperature is cooler. You can combine them with a shorts sweater, little dresses and skirts. They combine with more romantic or sporting looks. Super versatile for you to give a special touch to your production.

On colder days you can also bet on these jackets! Combine them with jeans, leggings, super-stylish jogger pants, little dresses with pantyhose and boots, etc. You can use your imagination and make looks super cool!

This winter the badcat is FULL of news for you, and one of them is the jacket with hood and sweatshirt hood! Available in two models they have a super cool detail: you choose whether to wear it with or without hood! That’s right, the hood is removable! Come and meet:

Do you like it? Then race to your favorite badcat and make sure of yours! And keep an eye on the blog and the Facebook page to stay on top of the many new things to come.

Shirt: Story Of A Great Classic. From White To Tartan, The Style Of A Must Have

One head, endless style interpretations. As often happens in life, even in fashion there are some pieces that are taken for granted. Are those basic from which we can compose any kind of look. We are so used to seeing them in our wardrobe that do not appreciate until the value at the bottom. An example? The shirt, which has its roots in centuries and centuries of fashion and generations and different looks.

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Anything But Dull, The Check Shirt

The character of this garment is peculiar and its expressions are actually different from other men’s shirts. But what is behind it? Is our knowledge of the expressiveness of the check shirt sufficient to know how the viewer understands it? Do we associate ourselves with something else other than the colleague, neighbor or beloved connoisseur?

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5 Rules For Matching Tie, Shirt And Suit

You can not imagine how important it is to combine a tie with a shirt until you put yourself in position, and is that choosing a combination that works in harmony between a tie, a shirt and a suit, for many of us involves a great challenge. And it’s not so difficult, you just have to follow some fundamental rules to hit 100%. Continue reading “5 Rules For Matching Tie, Shirt And Suit”

Classic Shirt Collar-Step By Step Explained

To sew a classic shirt collar is train give way isn’t easy, but it should work:

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Get Inspired In Jeans Shirt

The versatility of the jeans shirt allows the composition of several looks for the day to day. Combine them with printed pants for a simple look, modern Tidy the. For hot days, fold the sleeves up to the thinner part of the arm, which in addition to elegant will make your silhouette leaner.  Continue reading “Get Inspired In Jeans Shirt”