Lay-up of Pants Without Sewing Machine

Decommissioning is one of the areas where there are many different sewing techniques that can be used. Most of the techniques can be used for holding in pretty much everything, while some individual works best for very specific things.

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Pantacourt: The Pants That Brings Comfort And Personality To Any Occasion

The pantacourt is a pant that ends in the middle of the cinnamon, resembles a shorts, but it does not become one, and, more often than not, appears looser in the body. Continue reading “Pantacourt: The Pants That Brings Comfort And Personality To Any Occasion”

How to Choose Underwear

Strongly arched beautiful dresses and pretty necklines. The holding underwear are now so powerful that they sculpt the silhouette and eliminate small curves.

But how to choose clothing that miracle? Here are my tips.

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Dress over Pants Wear

Dress or pants? I wear both like and that dress over trousers. The combination has long been an insider tip for older women.That has changed, because now this Lagen look tip is as outdated as the supposedly advantageous longitudinal stripes for women. But I have to admit: Even if the older generation lives out her leg, I take quite like a pants when I’m wearing a dress.What my favorite Looks are and what you notice most, I describe here can carry as you dress over trousers.

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What are Canvas Pants

Anniversary, inauguration, launch… All the latest news from brands that are very close to the United States.

Less than two years after the inauguration of PHM Saints fathers at number 50 of the eponymous Street in the 7th District of Paris, its founder, Pierre-Henri Mattout, exports its selection of clothing and accessories in the environment of designer sneakers, in the form of pop up awnings within Department stores Bloomingdale’s in New York and Los Angeles, as well as on the website of the American sign. As in Paris, the majority of the proposed pieces are exclusives, chosen by this former designer and Art Director (Dormeuil, Victorinox…) in tandem with brands likeLanvin, Pierre Hardy, Spalwart, Junya Watanabe Man, Sunspel of England or Norse Projects (

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How to Wear Dungarees 2016

Many still probably know from childhood and since last year it is celebrating its fashion comeback. The talk is called by the overalls, also dungaree. After she was middle of the 19th century mainly worn as work pants or coveralls and had established itself over time as a classic children’s pants, the fashion world is celebrating thedungarees now in all its facets.

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Denim Jeans Trends 2015

This year, the jeans will not be noticeable. The crazier and individual Denim comes, the better. The current trend here includes all sections and models. Whether printed, extremely worn, embroidered or with sparkling stones and studs, the more outrageous and original is the jeans, the higher is its trend potential. Are you ready for CRAZY JEANS 2015?

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Wetlook Leggings

Brilliant hours with wet look leggings

What are wet look leggings? This question is not unusual, the term “wet look” is not familiar to everyone. However, many know this look because it is a fashionable trend. The Wetlook pants is tight leggings that look like a Lackhose. They shine and are strongly reminiscent of the material latex. However, it is not correct latex pants, but imitations. In addition, there are different levels of Wetlook: In some models, shines more, others less.

The wet look compression leggings at nowadays has less to do with a fetish. You hear much more in the repertoire of trousers of fashion-conscious women. The pants, which is usually made of stretch material, can be sporty or elegant and combine is a garment that you can wear well on different occasions.

There are also men and women who are on the wet look and find it stimulating when the trousers snug and beautiful shine. In return, the skin-tight tights without feet can also be used. It is clear that the wet look leggings makes slender legs, as they formed a good silhouette due to the stretch material. So rump and legs are well packed and seductive.

Wetlook Pants Wetlook Pants is not equal

The term “wet look” comes from English and means as much as “wet look”. Thus, the gloss is meant to have the leg clothing. However, there are shiny clothes in less shiny, almost in a matte look. Sequined pants or glitter substances do not belong in the “wet look” category. In this style, the shimmering material must look like a unified whole. Here, the material remembers perhaps best on a plastic sheet or on fetish clothing.

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Jeans for Spring Summer 2016: Boyfriend, Skinny or with Tears?

Back to the denim and jeans for spring summer 2016 are many: boyfriend, skinny or with tears? But even flared jeans, cropped, with wide leg cut or straight. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

I’m a boss that never goes out of fashion and that, indeed, the jeans are always back cyclically: a sure thing! This year they’re back the 70 ‘s flared jeans flare, high waist jeans years ‘ 80, those with soft leg cuffed years ‘ 90, while you reconfirm the slim fit skinny jeans ( Continue reading “Jeans for Spring Summer 2016: Boyfriend, Skinny or with Tears?”