Leather Jeans Is Winter Trend

Resin jeans are contemporary, stylish, innovative, value your look and are already part of women’s closets. In addition to being beautiful, the resined jeans are very comfortable and lightweight, which favors even more when it comes to choosing, because the piece has the appearance of leather, with the comfort of a legging, and looks good in a wide variety of pieces: trousers , Shorts, jackets and skirts.The Conscience Jeans Collection is very varied and has options for all tastes with different finishes ranging from leather to metallized and with glitter. This winter, red, black and brown will be great bets. Continue reading “Leather Jeans Is Winter Trend”

What I Got From The Zorópa Fashion

Now that I got, I got, I took everything out of my bag and washed all the shameful quantity of laundry, we can consider that things are finally getting back to normal.

Well, I think it’s common sense that things here in Brazil are becoming more expensive. And that trips end up being an opportunity to be able to supply the locker at prices much more friendly. Continue reading “What I Got From The Zorópa Fashion”

Learn How To Use Pants Leggings Without Error

The legging pants is a comfortable and versatile piece that can be used in various types of occasions. However, despite his praise, she is a very dangerous, as it can ruin the entire look if not used correctly. Continue reading “Learn How To Use Pants Leggings Without Error”

Lay-up of Pants Without Sewing Machine

Decommissioning is one of the areas where there are many different sewing techniques that can be used. Most of the techniques can be used for holding in pretty much everything, while some individual works best for very specific things.

Continue reading “Lay-up of Pants Without Sewing Machine”

Pantacourt: The Pants That Brings Comfort And Personality To Any Occasion

The pantacourt is a pant that ends in the middle of the cinnamon, resembles a shorts, but it does not become one, and, more often than not, appears looser in the body. Continue reading “Pantacourt: The Pants That Brings Comfort And Personality To Any Occasion”

How to Choose Underwear

Strongly arched beautiful dresses and pretty necklines. The holding underwear are now so powerful that they sculpt the silhouette and eliminate small curves.

But how to choose clothing that miracle? Here are my tips.

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Dress over Pants Wear

Dress or pants? I wear both like and that dress over trousers. The combination has long been an insider tip for older women.That has changed, because now this Lagen look tip is as outdated as the supposedly advantageous longitudinal stripes for women. But I have to admit: Even if the older generation lives out her leg, I take quite like a pants when I’m wearing a dress.What my favorite Looks are and what you notice most, I describe here can carry as you dress over trousers.

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