Shirts Printed with Flowers for Men

Shirts printed with male flowers: spring will until 21 December here in Brazil. And coincidentally (or not) the shirts printed with flowers are already on the streets. Yes, flowery shirts fashion for men is in the streets, and not just the big cities. The tendency of shirts stamped with flowers was already scheduled for 2016. See this article I wrote about the subject. Continue reading “Shirts Printed with Flowers for Men”

H & M and Lanvin: the Shoes Are

Soon it is again so far and fashion victims can move back to the trench fighting in the next H & M branch.;-) According to designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Jimmy Choo, this time showed Alber Elbaz for Lanvin responsible for design supplies at H & M. Continue reading “H & M and Lanvin: the Shoes Are”

Tips of Male Underwear: Boxers

Learn with Producer Sets What Kind of Underwear and Pajamas Best Suited

The man who thinks he can put that shirt ripped and the short old bedtime still lives in the caves. As well as women, who generally have a real outfit, the boys also need to cull pajamas and underwear charming and comfortable. After leaving the streets and hear what the big guys are using in home, fashion producer Jose Camarano taught how to choose the correct underwear. Note the tips: Continue reading “Tips of Male Underwear: Boxers”

Yoga Playlists

This is a controversial subject.There are those who love music in class, there are those who hate.You have to use it, some people do not use it.There are those who defend their use, there are those who condemn.Well, with all my respect for Yoga purists, I use, love and not live without!Rsss … In fact, if it were to follow the tradition to the letter, it was not even to be charged for Yoga classes, right?Then … Let me use my little song that I do not hurt anyone! Continue reading “Yoga Playlists”

Winter Boots

Autumn Winter Boots Models and Trends

The Boots for Autumn Winter have great news, and anyone who has stopped to check the new models knows very well that, are models for all occasions, and also for all models and why you can not stop checking the news.These releases are already coming through every nook and cranny.Brands like Ramarim, Via Marte, among other models are already waiting for us too, and why you can not lose too. Continue reading “Winter Boots”

Engagement Rings – Reviews, Prices, Photos

Prices, Models and Photos of Engagement Rings

Who has never dreamed of making the wedding preparations to be able to be married to her husband her eternal boyfriend, to be able to choose wedding dress, decoration, car rental, among other things and can not miss the first part of the engagement request with the alliances with many different models and styles with many different prices, you can buy the most beautiful and elegant engagement rings, many women dream long time with that unique moment that should be perfect, the engagement rings should be beautiful and elegant, which can also be used in marriage. Continue reading “Engagement Rings – Reviews, Prices, Photos”

Ballad Outfits For Various Man Styles

It does not matter what type of ballad you like to go: sertanejo, rock or electronic. We’ve separated some suggestions of combinations that will fit into various situations and we’ll also share some tips for you to create your own comfortable yet stylish full of style to enjoy the ballad. Continue reading “Ballad Outfits For Various Man Styles”

Jewelry Trends: So Delicate, So Special, So Delicate

Delicate, Filigree And Yet An Eye-Catcher: In The Spring, Filigree Jewelry Adorns Our Ears, Hands And Arms. The Motto: The More Unusual The Better.

We keep us loud Statement necklaces for the summer. Now, tender pieces of jewellery are booming. They also make a statement. The special feature of the trend: It gives a new twist classic pieces of jewelry. Rings are now worn over the middle finger bone, earrings not only on the earlobe, but along the entire ear, bracelets use elbows and bracelets as a natural “stopper”. Continue reading “Jewelry Trends: So Delicate, So Special, So Delicate”

If the Engagement and Wedding Rings

To switch rings when you marry is obvious to most people, and if we get married in the Church, it is actually a requirement.This requirement does not exist when you get married, civil even if most have rings. What you might not think about is that the wedding ring that the man may have begun as an engagement ring. Continue reading “If the Engagement and Wedding Rings”