Blazer Size Measure

To find their kostymstorlek is no easy task. Different manufacturers have different definitions of how the garment will sit and not rarely varies because the sizes depending on the market. Another interesting question is how well our systems of measurement corresponds to the body shape of today’s men?

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11 Stylish looks with Fabric Pants

For a long time they were regarded as somewhat petty. It is a question of fabric pants of all kinds. Whether it is wide and high cut as a palazzo or with a waistband and crease.  However, the casual business trend, which characterizes the street style looks, proves that it is also different. Whether during the day at work or going out-the fabric pants have combined with sneakers and sweaters, great favorite potential. It is-in contrast to all prejudices-manifoldly applicable and looks really super modern. See for yourself in our photo gallery with eleven looks to fall in love: Continue reading “11 Stylish looks with Fabric Pants”

Favorite Jeans

Lucia, 24, editor

When I was wearing my Acne jeans recently, a friend asked me horrified: ‘So this is an Acne jeans that all girls and magazines are swarming about, quite unspectacular, but she makes a hot butt. ‘ Well-recognized dear friend, for this reason she is mine-and the favorite jeans of a thousand other girls: she does not need a rhinestones to attract attention, adapts to every outfit and simply conjures up such a good figure.” Continue reading “Favorite Jeans”

Must-Have the Season: the Fringed Leather Jacket

For party queens

Evening dress The glittering brown overcoat, the short, brown wild leather jacket with a fringed lapel and wide cuffs is worn to the draped mini dress with sequin trim(from the online luxury wardrobe)-the evening can only be a success.  Jacket by Apart, about 200 euros. Dress by Calvin Klein,approx. 270 Euro. Shoes: Sinela. Clutch of floor. Continue reading “Must-Have the Season: the Fringed Leather Jacket”

The Necktie Needle

It is not only “sometimes” but also the small subtleties that define us-they always are. They make the difference, which essentially leads to total impressions and defines us. At least in optics, it is entirely in our own hands to recognize and take them into consideration. Details and accessories are two sides of a medal. Continue reading “The Necktie Needle”

Shirts Printed with Flowers for Men

Shirts printed with male flowers: spring will until 21 December here in Brazil. And coincidentally (or not) the shirts printed with flowers are already on the streets. Yes, flowery shirts fashion for men is in the streets, and not just the big cities. The tendency of shirts stamped with flowers was already scheduled for 2016. See this article I wrote about the subject. Continue reading “Shirts Printed with Flowers for Men”

H & M and Lanvin: the Shoes Are

Soon it is again so far and fashion victims can move back to the trench fighting in the next H & M branch.;-) According to designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Jimmy Choo, this time showed Alber Elbaz for Lanvin responsible for design supplies at H & M. Continue reading “H & M and Lanvin: the Shoes Are”

Tips of Male Underwear: Boxers

Learn with Producer Sets What Kind of Underwear and Pajamas Best Suited

The man who thinks he can put that shirt ripped and the short old bedtime still lives in the caves. As well as women, who generally have a real outfit, the boys also need to cull pajamas and underwear charming and comfortable. After leaving the streets and hear what the big guys are using in home, fashion producer Jose Camarano taught how to choose the correct underwear. Note the tips: Continue reading “Tips of Male Underwear: Boxers”

Yoga Playlists

This is a controversial subject.There are those who love music in class, there are those who hate.You have to use it, some people do not use it.There are those who defend their use, there are those who condemn.Well, with all my respect for Yoga purists, I use, love and not live without!Rsss … In fact, if it were to follow the tradition to the letter, it was not even to be charged for Yoga classes, right?Then … Let me use my little song that I do not hurt anyone! Continue reading “Yoga Playlists”