Men’s Fashion Trends For Spring 2016

The masculine fashion trends for the winter of 2015 came well with you and the other readers, so I decided that I am also trying to contribute to fashionable masculine trends spring 2016. After all, we already have mid-March and if not now when should you report on the latest trends in spring?

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Stylish Men’s Belts

For upcoming birthdays, anniversary or just a pleasure between promises an elegant gentleman belt shining eyes when recipient. In classic dress code color matching belt for footwear are a must and also with jeans or light chinos should not miss this classy accessory. As gift for gentlemen we recommend a stylish leather belt.

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Sustainable Fashion: The Shopping List For Fair Fashion Labels

Sustainability in fashion is a difficult subject. It is complex. It is schuldbeladen. It is one of the topics where you indeed affected responds, but also quickly again looks away. And it’s a topic in which there are no simple solutions – if at all. Because it is to much money. To corruption. To profit. To livelihoods. And last but not least to the insatiable, deep-seated need of people to decorate and look attractive – it what it costs.

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Best Affordable Ties

For this, I immediately thought of a brand that offers one of the best price / quality ratio, while bringing  real value  to an accessory that everyone thinks about.

This brand is Howard’s, a 100% French brand despite its name, and that I had personally tested, on the advice of Hugo Parisian Gentleman.

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The Fashion Label Vecona Vintage

Love strollers,

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Men’s Accessories

The world of neckties and fine accessories for men is dominated by matter of men already logically alone. But there are of course exceptions. For over 25 years, is one of the few women in this male domain the Sonja Freundorfer designer and it brought one number in this period with a keen sense of style to Germany’s Krawattière.

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Dandy Mens Style

The Dandy is for us men a unique and interesting style. That through an offhand weight handkerchief or tastefully combined stockings demonstrate style and an eccentric streak. In many ways the antithesis of anxiety and uncertainty-style where the step to exclusively give the appearance of after effect is never very far.

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Perfume and Fragrances the Interesting Facts

Did you know that without fail to choose a perfume is better not to try more than four fragrances at a time? A number greater risk is to tilt your olfactory receptors. Discover many other fragrant curiosity …

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20 Rules of Style to Dress Suit that Every Man Should Know

If you are new to that of wearing a suit, or, conversely, use it regularly but want to make sure you’re doing things right, you need to have a look at this list to enhance your image and avoid the most common sin to wear a suit.

Is there anything better than a man in a suit? Women know not. A well thought out and planned attracts suit immediately. It’s Science! So take note.

1. Whenever you feel the buttons unzips the bag; ALWAYS!

2. For a light suit wearing a dark handkerchief; It will be a visual anchor

3. Never combine a sports watch and suit

4. The sleeves should be exposed half inch

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The “Swiss Army Knife” of Jackets! Perfect for Travelers

This is a jacket that promises to be the Swiss Army knife of travelers. The BauBax jacket has 15 built-in functions, including a pillow, a mask, gloves and pockets for different things.

Now that the model is ready, the company launched a campaign on Kickstarter last Tuesday to raise $ 20,000 in order to launch the garment to the market this year.

They took six months to investigate jacket design, and to incorporate more functions. Come in a variety of basic colors and four different styles.

The jacket is designed with a variety of hidden features that promise to make any trips more comfortable, and that the person carrying it has to take nothing in his hand.

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