P2 Lost In Glitter Polish “End Up Glamorous!”

Hello my dears! At the p2 blogger event last week we were also introduced to the eight new Lost in glitter nail polish, which will be available in the p2 counters from September. The 50 “end up glamorous!” I could already try out and would like you not to withhold my enthusiasm.The varnish has a transparent base with many small silver glitter particles. In addition, it contains holographic shimmering glitter particles of varying sizes that sparkle in the sunlight.The photos, however, were created under the daylight, so imagine the sparkle even more intensely. Continue reading “P2 Lost In Glitter Polish “End Up Glamorous!””

Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Some makeup tricks are for all women, without exception. A well cared for skin and eyes highlighted with eyeliner and mascara, for example, the value of all kinds of faces. But, to leave the makeup even more special, the best alternative is to explore the peculiarities of each woman. To do this, simply choosing the right shade, and the technique that will be used to highlight your eyes. Continue reading “Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes”

Bobbi Brown Nail Polish – “Roza”

Even before the “Lilac Rose” by Bobbi Brown Spring collection is available, a small Pack with the nail polish “Roza” came for me at the weekend – → last coating has now already bravely held two weeks without quirks on the nails, but eventually then something must be new on it. Convenient that this beautiful Nudelack here has arrived, which I have now directly applied. Continue reading “Bobbi Brown Nail Polish – “Roza””

Tips to Prolong The Scent of a Perfume

Tips on How You Can Extend the Scent of Your Perfume

The form of application contributes to fixation. The best way to apply the perfume is on clean skin, so pass after the shower. Here are some tips to prolong the scent of a perfume. Some people claim that the perfume lasts longer if applied on damp skin Test and see what fits best to your case. In my case, with dry skin it lasts longer. Continue reading “Tips to Prolong The Scent of a Perfume”

Cheap Shade Palettes – Where to Buy?

Learn Where to Buy Cheap Eyeshadow Palettes

The Cheap Shadow Palettes are great for you to make your makeup.And do not think that because they are cheap they are bad, it has nothing to do, you have great products, especially because many are imported and there is always cheaper without losing quality.Know that it’s the Brazilian brands that usually charge more for this part, and that’s why we have to know what to buy and where to buy.You can check where you find to buy, even though it has no secret, but there are always places that are more important than others. Continue reading “Cheap Shade Palettes – Where to Buy?”

Apogee of Romantic Makeup

The romantic look is setting trends on the spring walkways of Parisian homes like Chanel and Elie Saab, and gradually expands with its cadence of meringues and pastels to all the latitudes of the globe. After you have tasted the fluorescent colors, the blues, the turquoises, and the red lipsticks, how about surrendering to complete the candid harmony of soft tones, pinks and pastels? We will tell you which colors, shapes and combinations stand out in the new wave of romanticism. Continue reading “Apogee of Romantic Makeup”

Makeup Tips for Who Uses Glasses

For those who wear glasses it is not always easy to create a harmony between them and makeup.

Contrary to what you may think, make-up does not have to be exaggerated to stand out from the glasses. The trick is to be able to highlight the eyes without exaggerating and weighing in the make-up. Continue reading “Makeup Tips for Who Uses Glasses”

Sarah Jessica Parker: Your Most Beautiful Hairstyles

Sarah Jessica Parker celebrates her 45th birthday. We show their most beautiful hairstyles and reveal how you can make it to. Also: Vote you your favorite hairstyle! Continue reading “Sarah Jessica Parker: Your Most Beautiful Hairstyles”

Night Hairstyles

Hairstyles Models and Tips to Spoil the Night

The Nighttime Hairstyles are those stylish ones that highlight your face as well.so it’s worth it to check them out because we know women like it a lot too, check out a few tips for you to know how to make it out for the night so you have a better idea too.these hairstyles are not difficult to do, but over time we will take experience and everything is easier and simpler as well.So be sure to check out more about them too. Continue reading “Night Hairstyles”

Makeup by Ivete Sangalo – How to, Step by Step, Photos

Photos and how you can do step by step a makeup of Ivete Sangalo

The most famous singer in Brazil is very successful with her makeup and her body, Ivete Sangalo makeup is very elegant and chic because many women or even their fans do their makeup of Ivete Sangalo to make them look more elegant and beautiful, here you will learn the step by step how to do the makeup of Ivete Sangalo, being one of the most requested by all women because besides being very beautiful she is very delicate and chic women love makeup so, the makeup of Ivete Sangalo is one of the most appreciated by all ages. Continue reading “Makeup by Ivete Sangalo – How to, Step by Step, Photos”