Straighten Hair Without Hair Dryer

Swedish Wheel, a system to have straight hair without a hair dryer and plate without damaging them. A “do it yourself” which is based on a simple and traditional method used to obtain “a spaghetto” and naturally. Despite being a somewhat challenging, has the advantage of not messing up your hair and being at no cost. Let us see How to create a perfect styling with the wheel in Swedish. Continue reading “Straighten Hair Without Hair Dryer”

28 Color Palette Smoky Eyes Edition & Gel Eyeliner Rose Gold

Today, I would like to introduce you to a brand which has long been one of the market leaders in cosmetics manufacturing and shipping, but I have never known it before. The talk is of BH Cosmetics, which now also have a German Onlineshop. By the way there are currently 40% discount on many products and the shipping is free from 40 €. I was able to choose two products for testing, which I would like to introduce you to today.

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Catrice Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette – AMU And Swatches

In this review, you ‘ll find the  Catrice Absolute Rose Palette Review, Swatches and Aunge Makeup. Because the new products for the product range spring/summer 2015 are slowly enteringthe Catrice counters. So high time that I share with you my experience with the products, which I already at the beginning of January at the Catrice Event in Munich were allowed to get to know.

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Maybelline Jade Lash Sensational Mascara

About the new Maybelline Jade Lash Sensational Mascara has been a lot on blogs lately. Also I got the mascara sent for testing. Better equals two copies and what offers more than a “1 product, 2 opinions” post with my co-blogger Chrissy?

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Autumn Eyeshadow In Low To Medium Price Segment

In my weeks back I had already announced to you a new blog category and I am hugely that today I can finally open the secret! Because in the last few weeks I have worked with Melanie von Mel et fel on a new concept. The theme is”$$$ vs. $” And we will present you our favorite products from a certain category once a month.

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The Two Main Rules, When Looking For A New Hair Style

Finding the perfect hair style or the perfect hairstyle for the man is probably just as difficult as finding Indiana Jones after the Holy Grail or finding a woman after the perfect handbag. Both are certainly not impossible, but just difficult and so it is also with the hair style for men.

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My Bare Minerals Experiences – 4 Favorite Products

Today, I share my Bare Minerals experiences with you and show you in a review four products for a natural and fast day look. I used to go to the Bare Minerals Original Foundation every day because I appreciate the easy and fast application. The result looks very natural, as if you did not wear any makeup at all. For this, skin impurities are compensated and the complexion is much more harmonious overall. In the meantime, I have used the matting Bare Minerals Matte Foundation, which makes my pores look finer. I have also learned to love three other products. For a long time I had to write before an experience report and today it is finally on my blog.

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Foundations Compared Bobbi Brown “00 – Alabaster” and “0 – Porcelain”

A post I had already planned, and determining what is for the light-skinned among us – the comparison between the Bobbi Brown Foundation in00 – Alabaster”and”0 – porcelain, the two brightest tones in the range. Continue reading “Foundations Compared Bobbi Brown “00 – Alabaster” and “0 – Porcelain””

Tips for Healthy Nail Growth

For a lot of people have the beautiful nails is extremely difficult. The nails are made of keratin (hard), as in animals’ hooves and horns. The nails help protect your fingers and do some basic things of life, such as scratching, clawing, for example. Nail care is very important! Continue reading “Tips for Healthy Nail Growth”