Kit 3 Rechargeable T6 Led Headlamp Zoom 3 Functions

With the 3T6 Headlamp, you can venture out with friends by doing a trail, camping, caving, rappelling, cycling or even being used to help at work, for example a mechanic who needs to change a part in a narrower location without much lighting, with the Headlamp it will ensure good lighting regulating the optimum intensity for the service you can perform with both hands free. Continue reading “Kit 3 Rechargeable T6 Led Headlamp Zoom 3 Functions”

Three Decorative E27 LED Bulbs

Shortly before Christmas is here again noble and festive – with three special, relatively expensive, dimmable E27 LED lamps from verbatim, Jooby and Carus.You should be at least as bright as traditional 40-watt incandescent, but with their extraordinary designs more than just low power light offer. My comparison test considered this claim, revealing but also the performance values measured in the laboratory and professional. Continue reading “Three Decorative E27 LED Bulbs”

Oled LED Pmoled Amoled

led lighting oled, passive, active amoled pmoled

LEDs are used for years in the electronics industry. They are used in digital clock and indicate that the computer is on, also used in toys. This led 5 mm type was invented in 1962 by Nick Holonyak Jr. (born 1928), then a consultant at the lab of General Electric Company “second according to 1,000 Lights 40 page book. In fact it was a diode driver theoretically flawed because not only drove the energy, but turned part of it into light. There is a Nebula over it that exactly on the same date, was recorded the same phenomenon in Japan. However virtually all the inventions in the area of lighting are attributed to GE. Continue reading “Oled LED Pmoled Amoled”

Kit 50 Rechargeable Headlamp Bivolt 13 Leds Yj-

Product Information

Rechargeable, environmentally friendly battery. With strong light and weak, as you prefer. It stands out due to its small size, light weight, lighting time and easy transport. Continue reading “Kit 50 Rechargeable Headlamp Bivolt 13 Leds Yj-“

Westwing Guide For Grill Area Lighting

aInvest in the brightness of the sun, adopt large windows and produced in glass and ensure that the light intensity in the space is pleasant and comfortable. These are some of the recommendations given by home and decor experts when choosing the accessories, articles and products for the lighting of the barbecue area. The space that is among the most used environments for meals, meetings between friends and family must have all the infrastructure suitable for their use is the best possible. Continue reading “Westwing Guide For Grill Area Lighting”

Internet Speed of Light: Second Career of the LED Lamp

Wi-Fi on the ceiling: this is not science fiction, but should become a reality this year. Under laboratory conditions at the Fraunhofer Institute the data transmission via LED lamps is already excellent, with mega-fast transfer rates of up to 800mbits/s. Continue reading “Internet Speed of Light: Second Career of the LED Lamp”

Segula LED Lamps

Three test lamps of the Cologne LED-retrofit provider Segula with me and in our laboratory have landed for the first time: an E27-“Pear”, an E14-“Candle” and a GU10 spot. Reasonably convince just one of these bulbs can (or even not – see Update at the end of the post).

“Convince Segula LED bulbs through its classic design. Our LED light bulbs have no additional heatsink, no sensitive electronics and produce no shadow. You have the original design and 360 degree illumination easily.” Continue reading “Segula LED Lamps”

Westwing Tab for Living Room Table Lamp

Our house is the most precious place we have, it is something like our temple, which we take care of with all care and we want to make it beautiful, organized and with our face, expressing in every detail a little of our personality, even if it is done unconsciously. When investing in decorating, it is also worth following some tips to make the place more and more beautiful as the use of lamps for living room. Continue reading “Westwing Tab for Living Room Table Lamp”

New Lctw LED Spots

Almost exactly a year ago I had led for the first time “Retrofits” of the German provider “LED’s CHANGE THE WORLD” (LCTW) in the test. Now, three new dimmable lamps, which beat their predecessors at the price / performance ratio to lengths and also somewhat more noble look come from there. Continue reading “New Lctw LED Spots”