Rihanna Launches Line with Chopard Jewelry

In yet another fashionista endeavor, Rihanna-who for years has lent her creativity to brands such as  Puma, Dior, Stance Socks, MAC  and  Manolo Blahnik-has just revealed a precious partnership with  Chopard .  Next to the legendary jewelry store, Bad Gal Riri signs a nine-piece capsule collection(among earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces), which will be released in May at a mega-event during the Cannes Film Festival. Continue reading “Rihanna Launches Line with Chopard Jewelry”

Engagement Rings – Reviews, Prices, Photos

Prices, Models and Photos of Engagement Rings

Who has never dreamed of making the wedding preparations to be able to be married to her husband her eternal boyfriend, to be able to choose wedding dress, decoration, car rental, among other things and can not miss the first part of the engagement request with the alliances with many different models and styles with many different prices, you can buy the most beautiful and elegant engagement rings, many women dream long time with that unique moment that should be perfect, the engagement rings should be beautiful and elegant, which can also be used in marriage. Continue reading “Engagement Rings – Reviews, Prices, Photos”

6 Commandments for the Ideal Choice of Children’s Earrings

As soon as the baby leaves the maternity ward, it is common for many mothers to take the girls to pierce the ear.But, do you know how to choose the ideal children’s earrings for your daughter?It is important to think of materials that avoid allergy and that are not heavy.The shape and even the clasp type should also be taken into consideration. Continue reading “6 Commandments for the Ideal Choice of Children’s Earrings”

Jewelry Trends: So Delicate, So Special, So Delicate

Delicate, Filigree And Yet An Eye-Catcher: In The Spring, Filigree Jewelry Adorns Our Ears, Hands And Arms. The Motto: The More Unusual The Better.

We keep us loud Statement necklaces for the summer. Now, tender pieces of jewellery are booming. They also make a statement. The special feature of the trend: It gives a new twist classic pieces of jewelry. Rings are now worn over the middle finger bone, earrings not only on the earlobe, but along the entire ear, bracelets use elbows and bracelets as a natural “stopper”. Continue reading “Jewelry Trends: So Delicate, So Special, So Delicate”

If the Engagement and Wedding Rings

To switch rings when you marry is obvious to most people, and if we get married in the Church, it is actually a requirement.This requirement does not exist when you get married, civil even if most have rings. What you might not think about is that the wedding ring that the man may have begun as an engagement ring. Continue reading “If the Engagement and Wedding Rings”

Jewelry Sets For Christmas

In the meantime, we have opened more than half of the doors on our advent calendar.Are you already in Christmas mood or leave with you still in itself?Well, the latest when you think about the Christmas gifts you might have to worry about, Christmas mood comes up.In recent days, you have already received a few tips from me.But that was not all.Today there are new gift ideas.Because, what is better than a chain, a ring or a pair of ear plugs?Right, all together as a beautiful jewelry set. Continue reading “Jewelry Sets For Christmas”

Statement Jewelry: Cocktail Rings

Do you know cocktail rings?Yes?And have you ever worn a cocktail ring?Some of you will surely answer “no”.Cocktail rings, these are the big, chunky rings .Somehow you never find the right clue to carry them.So at least the arguments with regard to cocktail rings.That’s not true!Sure, they’re big, they’re striking.But also beautiful, mostly very colorful and always a bit mondän. And now honestly, occasions to wear cocktail rings are many. Continue reading “Statement Jewelry: Cocktail Rings”

Fiiligrane Wedding Rings For Her and Him

Our jewelery of the week is aimed at all future married couples and those who like to get some inspiration from the wedding rings.For today I would like to introduce you to a couple of jewels that are timelessly classical, but still stand out from the crowd. Continue reading “Fiiligrane Wedding Rings For Her and Him”